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Should I take the oppurtunity to get my first kiss?

Asked by all4him39 (26points) April 13th, 2010

Okay, so theres this guy who is one of my best friends (jacob) and i’ve known him since fifth grade. We have “dated” before but they were just middle school dumb little things. But over the years he’s become my best friend, and I can talk to him about anything.
We are both freshmen in the high school play and he has been attempting to kiss me many times and when I lean away he makes a joke out of it. Finally, since he does it so many times, after play practice I texted him and asked him if he was really going to kiss me. He said he would if I wanted but “let’s make it last” and he also told me we wouldn’t be a couple after that either.

The thing is, I don’t mind not being with him if we kiss because I don’t like him. But I’ve never had my first kiss, and I kind of want to get it over with. Also, if I mess up, I would like it to be with him and not anyone else… I’m just not sure if I should do it or not. Please help! Thanks (=

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Why not wait until you feel like kissing someone because there is a mutual attraction and you both want to display your feelings? It will mean more. You never forget your first kiss.

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Don’t just think of your first kiss or any other first as something to “get it over with.” It’s far more special if it’s meaningful. There’s nothing wrong with waiting.

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No, wait for someone special.

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Well. I would also say wait, but that’s just me because I too am waiting for the right person to have my first kiss with and I’m a junior in high school. =)

You have all the time in the world.

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no…..dont do it… will hurt the poor kid.

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You don’t need to get over your first kiss. It’s not some kind of milestone you must check off during your high school life…

That said, you also mentioned that if you mess up, you want to do it with him…I’m guessing you both have a really strong relationship, to the point where you can both experiment and maybe get experience for when the real deal comes calling. If you’re both very solidly friends and there’s no danger of feelings getting hurt, and if you just want to see what it’s like…hey, you’re a teenager. This sounds like a semi-ideal situation for a no-pressure, no-stress first kiss, if that’s what you want: a really good friend that you can laugh with if things get awkward.

How invested are you in the idea of a ‘perfect’ first kiss? If you’re not and he’s not and you’re both not looking for anything other than a platonic relationship, I would say yes. If you want.

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Wait for it. Don’t push this. When it’s time, with the right one, it will be just fine.

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I’m seventeen and have never been kissed. It’s no biggie at all. Actually, most of my guy friends like that idea. Most are intrigued, but have a hard time believing me. Just wait, relax and know that it doesn’t matter.

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if you want to just get it over with, just go for it!

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You can lock lips and exchange saliva for the sake of the play/presentation. However, you need not consider that as your first kiss… It’s only acting.

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It’s not something to just get out of the way. Have that first kiss when you feel like you want to kiss a particular guy. I promise it’ll happen.

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My first kiss was with a guy I didn’t like, “to get it over with”. It was gross, kind of repulsive, and I felt a little sick afterward. I was like, Ugh.. I totally do not get why people do this. Then, years later, I kissed someone I really wanted to kiss and the experience was completely different in a GREAT way.

I say don’t “get it over with”.. it’s not even worth it. Kissing people you don’t like isn’t really that fun. It’s a gazillion times more fun and enjoyable when you actually like the person. Trust us on this one.

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I agree with @MissAnthrope and @thriftymaid
Any kiss done with, “Get it over with because hes my friend” is not done with the right gusto, and will surely have wilted results that leave your lips with that taste of regret!!!

Wait for the “I can’t hold this back any longer” Sunami cue!

you’ll know

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