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How old were you when you had your first kiss?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) October 4th, 2010

I’m not talking about kissing on the playground when you’re little because that would be like 5 years old when all the girls chased the boys and kissed them and the boys would scream but secretly love it. I’m talking about your first REAL kiss.

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I haven’t had one yet. I turned 15 yesterday

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14 we both had braces and had a couple close calls as I remember!

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18, in the stairwell of my college dorm.

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I was 12, at a school disco. “Three Times A Lady” by The Commodores was playing at the time. She was 13, gorgeous (way over my league) and had the beginnings of breasts. I was hooked (on her and kissing in general)

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19 or so, several years after losing my virginity. I dont like to kiss. not with tongues at least.

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14. He was my first boyfriend and it was Thanksgiving. We had spent the day eating, watching Charlie Brown, putting up my family’s Christmas tree, drinking egg nog, and putting together a toy train. It was pretty cute. We went outside on my front porch that evening and sat on two rocking chairs giving each other those shiny “in love” eyes. We reached in and were both so nervous we went too fast and bumped our foreheads together lol

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I was 15 and remember it very well ;)

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If things go as I hope they do next weekend, then I’ll be 63 when I get my first kiss. :=D

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In 8th grade. 14 or 15 right? Maybe your 13 in 8th grade. I am not awake yet.

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@noelleptc Its not that i dont enjoy the sensation, I just find it, hmmm… strange.

Its quite hard to put in to words. Maybe with a little back story it will make sense.

When i was 15, i started having sex on a regular basis. I had my own place, and where I live there are many drunk tourists out looking for a good time. the logic started back then: “if she is blowing me on the beach after 2 hours, there is no way im kissing her, who knows where she has been”

When i was not sleeping around with tourists (not that it was a daily thing) i was usually single or had a local girlfriend. i would kiss them on the cheek perhaps, but thats about it.

One day, i asked a girl out, she said yes, we ended up talking for a while. she leaned in to kiss me (aiming for lips) so i did also. next thing i know, i have a tongue in my mouth. I did not dislike it, but i was surprised. thats more or less when i decided i did not like it that much. later on that year, i was with another girlfriend, who really liked to kiss, (an had a grip like a gorilla) she used to pin me down and hardly let me up for air, thats when i decided for sure that the whole tongue kissing thing is not for me. I will do it, and i will kind of enjoy it sometimes. but i usually rather not.

oh yea, and here in spain, girls (even strangers that you only just met) like to do that whole air kiss nonsense. but not exactly “air”. they actually kiss on the cheek. once each side. I find it a very fake thing to do.

I have even looked like a total asshole before now, when a girl i just met goes to do the goodbye kiss thing. she sticks her face out, and i just look at her and wave and say cya. usually followed by a rush of guilt and me telling her that its not her, that its me, that i just dont do that. so she dont think there is something wrong with her.

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15. If someone isn’t any good at kissing, it’s never going any further.

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@noelleptc aye, understandable.

btw people, feel free to psychoanalyze me on that. im not too sure why it is this way. i think its maybe a control thing.

EDIT: over the years, i have found other ways of sharing feelings and being affectionate. hugs and cuddles and forehead kisses and things.

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@poisonedantidote Sounds like you were a little slut.:) Just joking . Some people just don’t like it. No biggie.

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@poisonedantidote that is crazy I guess I’m so different, I never did anything with a guy before I kissed him. It’s kinda like the audition for the big show lol

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@Loried2008 he might be good with his hands.

poisonedantidote's avatar

@Frenchfry quite a slut indeed lol.

@Loried2008 believe it or not, i have actually never had a girl ask me why i dont like to kiss or show any curiosity about it. as i said, i have found other ways of showing affection. i can be quite romantic in my strange way.

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I had a girl that was an extremely good coach. She taught me no sloppy drooling kisses, go slow and gentle, and practice practice practice. We kissed for hours.

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13, it was 43 years ago. We’ve dated on and off since then, and still date on and off! And he’s still a damned fine kisser, BTW!

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@Frenchfry True lol xD The way I was raised very sheltered I let one step lead to another. Granted later on there was a few one nights stands, but they always began with kissing and progressively led to the good stuff :)

@poisonedantidote I don’t think I ever was with a guy that didn’t like to kiss me. I assume that had a guy not kissed me but showed affection in other ways, before it became physical, I wouldn’t have asked either.

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Well first “french” kiss was at 7, someone had these flavored bubbles that you could blow so all of us were running around with our tongues out and mouths open trying to catch these bubbles on our tongues and a girl and I went for the same bubble and yeah…tada…. cooties… had to be quarantined from the other boys for a month. lol

But first deliberate real kiss was at 16.

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@poisonedantidote I’ve heard it said that “A kiss is sucking on the pretty end of 50 feet of intestine”. So you might be on to something.


I was 20.

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@noelleptc Yep we did or at least that was the excuse we used!! XD

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14ish, we were more friends than anything though.

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14 on my dad’s recliner. A session, really; not just 1 kiss. lol

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Fuck!!! LOL!
@poisonedantidote, hope you are not offended by me laughing I just thought your explanation about why you don’t like kissing is pretty funny :P
And also enjoyable to read especially the GORILLA PART

I am 16 and never been kissed. – It kind of frustrates me cause sometimes I lie to peole just so the akwardness doesnt come in.

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At 17 with someone I seriously considered a contender for marriage some years later.

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real kiss….ummm…. 16!

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Twenty. On the brick wall next to my house, under unusual circumstances. We wouldn’t see each other again for months. How depressing.

And every kiss since then, with other people, has been dull in comparison.

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And, I spit all the way home.

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13 or 14. Oh, he was cute, and a good kisser to boot!

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With a cute hipster chick who had a lip ring during the movie Jarhead.

⅔ of the way through the movie, after a lot of intense hand holding, I looked to her and said “Can I kiss you?”

She nodded, so I touched her face, kissed her, and we wound up making out. I remember it being really sticky and bizarre, and her lip ring tasted metalllic-y, but it was really nice. I’ve clocked in a lot of tonsil hockey time since then, but this one still sticks out in my mind.

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Six, she was in my first grade class. She suprised me and gave me a peck. It was over before I knew what happened. Luckily I didn’t panic.

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When I was 17, playing Truth or Dare (so maybe that doesn’t count), and never since. But I’m patient, the act is less important than the person with whom you do it.

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11. It was with my first boyfriend, and we’d kissed with no tongue many times prior. We decided we need to get the tongue thing over with, and went into the kitchen of my friend’s house to be away from prying eyes. We both had braces, and were really awkward about the whole thing. We got a lot better with practice. :)

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I was 15 when I first indulged in a spot of tonsil hockey. On the steps leading up to the top of a cathedral of all places.

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I had a huge crush on a guy that drove an ice cream truck in my neighborhood. haha

He was probably 18 and he asked me to go riding around with him. He kissed me and it scared me to death! lol

Kinda put that little crush into perspective. hehe

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@Coloma Left you cold did he? :¬)

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JUst shy of 13; it was memorable for the awkwardness, embarrassment and lack of pleasure. Things improved after that.

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No. I left him cold! Waaay too much action for a 13 yr. old. haha

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I was in 7th grade…so I was…13? ish. Whatever. I didn’t really like him but he was my “boyfriend” at the time. We were at a Dashboard Confessional concert for my birthday. I didn’t want to kiss him. But he kept trying to kiss me so finally I just did. It was weird, his lips were dry. Ugh.

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Oooh, I see the pun now. Not awake yet! lol
Yep, I didn’t want to see his missle pop! hahaha

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16. She was very kind and gentle.

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Does my mom count?

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17, it didn’t last long – ended up bumping teeth and then stopping for a awkward laugh.

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Um, I have no idea really. Oh, wait, yes I do. Pretty sure I was 14 or 15 at my grandparents house with my friend. I think we were drunk.

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Eleven or twelve, it was a holiday thing. Lol…. :-/

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13 with one of the teachers while on a school trip to France.

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I was 14 and I remember it well. The guy was friendly, and cute. We both secretly like each other a lot. I miss him.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@interweb I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought that.
@lightlyseared: what’s up with that?

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@Lightlyseared for serious? o.o lol

erichw1504's avatar

Does my dog count?

Lightlyseared's avatar

Yes. It was the religious education teacher.

erichw1504's avatar

@Lightlyseared Did she show you the righteous path?

MyNewtBoobs's avatar

@Lightlyseared Oh, well that makes it all better… It’s like a priest once removed…

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I was with him, on and off, until I was 19. I had a lot of firsts with him.

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16, then literally ran into my cabin at the first feel of tongue! (I was at church camp) Had another go at it later that year and got the hang of it. I just remember feeling so flushed an nervous!

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My first real kiss was when I was 17, about a week before turning 18, with my current boyfriend. But being gay and in the closet, I have an excuse for taking so long, so don’t laugh at me. :(

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Does a magazine photo of Justin Bieber count?

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17 or 18, depending on your definition of kiss.

poisonedantidote's avatar

@Seek_Kolinahr maybe hehe. i like the quote.

@Thesexier no problemo.

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Does apple pie count?

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22, if you can believe it!

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What constitutes a “real” kiss? My first open-mouth kiss, I was 9. There was a cute boy my age named Troy who lived above us. I was at his house one day when Dukes of Hazzard came on.. the opening sequence had one of the guys passionately kissing a woman. We kind of looked at each other and decided to try it. It was awkward and our teeth kept bashing together, not to mention we had no clue we were supposed to use our tongues.. though, I think if we had known, we would have found that massively disgusting! I wish I had a video of it, actually, because we were imitating the TV, moving our heads around all dramatically.. I bet it was highly comical.

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i was 15 when it happend and it took us 3 years to finaly kiss

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I was 15. I lost my virginity to the same girl a few weeks later. I went from never having held a girls hand to sex in less than a month. Those were exciting times.

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My first kiss? I remember it so well (not). I believe we were taking a walk through the snowy woods. For some reason I thought we should be lying down, so we lay down in the snow to kiss. Her lips were warm as….. earthworms.

She later became a lesbian.

I was 17.

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my first real kiss was at age 13. Remember it well.

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Haven’t had it yet…

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I agree with @mandybookworm haven’t had mine yet…I’m hoping just one kiss won’t go and lead to making out though…Don’t wanna go into that yet….

mandybookworm's avatar

@Vincent_Lloyd Agreed, making out sounds horrible. A nice kiss would be great, but no slobbering all over each other for ten minutes.

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I was 17 almost 18.

Vincent_Lloyd's avatar

@mandybookworm Yeah! I’m glad someone agrees with me! I mean I’ve been pressured into making out with my girlfriend (now ex) but I think it only works for me if we’re in a SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP. But glad you do =)

MyNewtBoobs's avatar

@mandybookworm @Vincent_Lloyd Slobbering isn’t appreciated at any age. Despite what you see on tv/porn/movies, you want to try to stay away from giving the other person buckets of saliva. Spit swapped =/= level of passion.

gravityalwaysbringsmedown's avatar

i was 17, and i still remember the day :3

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You guys have no idea yet…. Making out is awesome, especially with the right person. I’d almost take it over sex, but let’s not get silly here.

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@MissAnthrope I agree. I’ve had a couple of partners where, after a few months, I started to ask for makeout sessions without the sex because it’s sooooo fun.

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First “session” of kissing at 12.

First kiss from a girl at 4 years old! It was the girl next door. Her grandmother lived there and her and her younger sisters would come visit and we would all play. She was pretty and the oldest (a year older than me). I wouldn’t have been able to articulate the feelings I had for her but remarkably I can clearly remember that they were distinctly different than feelings I had for family members or the less attractive younger girls.

Anyway, I was playing with her in her room, had to leave and got a “goodbye” kiss. It was normal in my family so I figured I could have one from her too.

Moral of the story? The drive is wired into us, even when we are young and don’t know it. We want each other :D

nailpolishfanatic's avatar

@jabe73, wow! I am gonna wait then until the right guy comes around:P

answerjill's avatar

@Jabe73 – Sounds familiar.

Jabe73's avatar

@Thesexier @answerjill Yes that was just the first kiss. I’m 37 and still waiting for the “right” girl.

erichw1504's avatar

Does my goat count?

JilltheTooth's avatar

@erichw1504 ; Only if it was a really great kisser.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@erichw1504 @JilltheTooth Or if the relationship progressed from there.

JilltheTooth's avatar

@Adirondackwannabe ; moving into the “ick” zone there… XD

erichw1504's avatar

@Adirondackwannabe Does dinner and a movie count?

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@erichw1504 After careful consideration, a first date would not count. Goats are too cheap of a first date. After analyzing the amount of money I’ve spent on women, the number of kisses, and various other factors, it’s a three goat date minimum before it counts.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@erichw1504 If you can come up with the idea of spooning with a goat, you have credit for the kiss.

Coloma's avatar

I tease my daughter and her boyfriend mercelessly about being the ‘spooners.’ lol
Oh the FUN of having an adult child now! Priceless!

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@erichw: You meant with the goat?

Deja_vu's avatar

I was 15 ;)

genkan's avatar

A week after my 16th birthday. I wish I could still remember the exact details of every second before and after that, every facial expression, every movement, every feeling.. but it’s all hazy by now.

I was surprised by how quickly it progressed to open-mouthed kissing. I always had envisioned thoughtful deliberation in between. Shrug.

sleepdoc's avatar

I was 14. Because one of my good friends had a sister just a bit younger than him all our neighborhood friends were her friends. It took finding the right set of circumstances to be brave enough to go in for the first kiss.

SundayKittens's avatar

12. Young Adult section of the library. Awwwwwwyeahhhhhhh.
And ditto on the makin’ out, @missanthrope and @noelle….

bob_'s avatar

17. Still my girlfriend after almost 8 years (with some breaks along the way).

busta21's avatar

12 years old, 7th grade, at school, in front of everyone…was my 1st real kiss.

StevieRae40's avatar

I was 14 and it was with my first and only boyfriend. Took him three years to make the move though…He commented previously (Jay484). I still like to bug him about it. We had been with my whole extended family for the day and he kissed me as he was saying goodbye at the bottom of our stairs. I was shocked. The next day he came over and, well you get the idea ;)

Vincent_Lloyd's avatar

OKAY, JUST GAVE FIRST KISS smiles real big I’m glad, it was hers too. Plus it was early release and I wanted to be with her, so stayed an hour and a half with her at the school just me and her. It was….“romantic” for me. We fulfilled both of our 11:11 wishes. I’m so glad I did

Mission achieved: First kiss, today at 3:54 PM after school 1 / 26 /11 :D 13 yrs old :3

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Vincent_Lloyd's avatar

Thank you! :) I can’t help but smiling!

TexasDude's avatar

That’s cute as fuck.

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I was 17. Ohhhhh, if only I could take it back…The butt broke my naive heart.

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