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What are the boundries between individuality and to conform?

Asked by 12_func_multi_tool (803points) April 13th, 2010

It seems many are harshly criticized for individuality, the kind touted by all philosophies, in an act of censorship. This done by individuals and the mob. Additionally, you can do pretty much anything if done with a smile on your face and good manners even if it offends another’s sensibilities, but not if it makes them feel bad about themselves. Is this a universal experience?

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some people of the masses, like to try to be “normal”. Those who think out of the box tend to be themselves and probably are more inventive.

There is no boundaries… is up to you which path you choose.

I have been way offended by those who have that fake smile.

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even the confomers get grief… its universal for everyone

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All I know is I always flush. I will not conform. Unless the mob makes me.

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The answer to this will vary from individual to individual. There are no set boundaries which applly to everyone.

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Thanks I can’t comment more.

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Perhaps I am not the best person to respond because I live pretty much natually outside the box, but I can try for you. Don’t conform. There is no need to conform, except in those instances where someone’s feelings are on the line. There is no honor in hurting someone if they’ve done nothing to you or anyone else. If a person hurts you, you can give them a pass for awhile, but eventually, people like that need to be put down…..figuratively speaking, of course :) I’m serious…..there is no need to conform. Look at everything you have to sacrifice. Who is ever going to appreciate your sacrifice? Nobody. Nobody will ever care. So stay true to whoever you are.

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To me, eveyone seems to want to be an individual. The media has influenced us on this idea, so they can have something new to exploit in all of its genuineness. Once everyone’s on the fad, you’re no longer an individual. You’re a part of the hip conformity. Just my opinion, not sure if it helps. But, I’d just be the average, honest, good person that I am. Would you think so?

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Being individual apparently is conforming. Seeing as it’s cool to be different now. If that makes sense.

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Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if any two people of the same sex were interchangeable?

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