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Can you phrase it in the form of a question?

Asked by kevbo (25672points) March 10th, 2008 from iPhone

Not to pick on you brownlemur and no need for apology. I’d just like to ask the community to keep the subject in the question and in question form. Once upon a time the Fluther gods would edit entries that weren’t questions, but I suspect we’re too big for that now.

This really help when I’m fluthering and driving. Thanks!!!!

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Fluthering and driving?!! Yikes!!!

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Shame! A friend of mine in my World of Warcraft guild was browsing the guild forums yesterday…while driving. He nearly hit a cop car! he got stopped for it too.

Shame! :)

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oops I said it twice :D

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eeeesh. Dangerous!

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I Fluther when I ride my bike. I can’t imagine that it would be more difficult while driving.

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okay, I diluted my message. It helps when accessing via EDGE. Again, thanks!!!

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Its easier to kill someone fluthering while driving.

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/runs into someone while biking


Translation: “Ow! What the bleep?! Oh my god, bar-b-q! I’m suing!”

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Hahahaha. Actually one of my friends got sued because he hit someone on his bike a few months back. Poor guy.

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I’m just kidding.. I caught my handle bar on a mailbox while trying to finish a episode of The Daily Show once. I can’t even imagine trying to interact while riding my bike. It was a fantastic crash. I would put it in the top ten.

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I’ve got a couple issues.
First. Add a damn question mark to questions. It’s just annoying for there not to be punctuation. “my computer doesnt work what can i do”
Second. Capitalize the first letter, it’s English, use it.
Third. The description field is there for a reason. Ask your question as the title, THEN describe it in the question.

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