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Has anyone tried the new wii netflix disc?

Asked by meagan (4665points) April 16th, 2010

I’ve ordered one of the new discs that netflix came out with for your wii. You basically pop it in your wii and you can watch their instant movies on your television (rather than sitting here on the computer at four in the morning like I do)

If you’ve tried it, do you like it? I’ve heard a few people say it makes their systems crash. I’m a little nervous.. But still excited! ;)

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We don’t have the one for the Wii but we do have the one for the PS3. No problems at all. We also have a Roku (about $99) that works wonderfully in another room. No popping discs in and out for that one.

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I’ve tried it and I love it. It doesn’t make my system crash, though I did have to install several updates before it worked. It is faster than streaming on my computer. I don’t love the interface for changing episodes—I tend to watch TV shows and the interface for getting to the next one if you don’t feel like watching the credits is not great. But overall, I’m impressed with the little disc and really enjoying it.

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@EmpressPixie Wooo! I’m so excited. I mostly watch TV episodes, too. But I think having the big screen will change that. :) Thanks

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I have the Netflix disc for my Wii, the Netflix disc for my PS3, and I also stream netflix via my Tivo. I haven’t bothered putting the discs in either the Wii or PS3 yet, as my Tivo works just fine. Is there any particular benefit to using the PS3 or Wii for Netflix over the Tivo?

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@MrItty Not really sure. I’m not as fancy and will only have it for the wii ;) So I was hoping everyone could tell me if there were any problems, lol

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I can stream Netflix via PC, Sony Interenet Video link, Roku, PS3, or Wii. The Roku is the best experience by far, the Wii would probably come in second although no HD makes it a questionable second.

Back to your original question, the Wii streaming disc is great, I really like the way it works on the Wii.

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I have a friend who was complaining of long load times (5 minutes +) for the first week or so but said that seems to have solved itself. His other two, ongoing, complaints: he still doesn’t think the quality is as good as it is on mine (PS3) and he’s had several movies needing to load mid way in. But over all he’s pretty happy with it and glad he picked it up.

I have first hand experience with the PS3 version; every now and then load times are a little slow… maybe 1–2 minutes (but it’s hard to determine how much of that is my connection), but over all it’s pretty snappy and aside from one instance of poor quality and a handful of mid movie data load (maybe 5 or 6 out of say 85+ movies watched and “mid” is the wrong word, for me it’s never happened past the first third of the movie), it’s been really good and quite handy.

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I got mine a couple weeks ago, but I only tested it to make sure it worked OK. I haven’t watched a full movie or show yet. But from the test it seemed to work very smoothly and the interface is pretty decent.

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Yep. Works fine, video quality is fair.

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Wooo! I’m excited :D Can’t wait for mail to run this afternoon.

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Well, if we’re comparing I’ll say I’ve seen it on the xBox360 as well, and the streaming on the Wii is working much better for me than the xBox did. But the xBox was at my fiance’s and there may be a difference in the quality of internet service (I doubt it, but I like to cover my bases).

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@meagan How is it working out for you? I just ordered the disk for our Wii, and don’t even get how it works. Can you watch anything in your queue, or just the movies with the “play now” option?

I’m looking forward to trying it out!

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@MissAusten Just the Instant Queue, the same ones you can watch instantly on your computer.

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Oh, that’s a little disappointing. :( Thanks for the clarification though!

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there is plenty to choose from though(usually like 10 or so categories) and if you dont see it in the wii options, you can always go online and add it to your instant queue

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@MissAusten Yeah, I’ve got like 100+ movies in my instant queue right now. And they have lots of seasons dvds. I really like it. I use my wii netflix disc just about every day :)

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Yea me to. Ive all but stopped watching cable tv since i got mine

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