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Where can I find the series "Hardball"?

Asked by ru2bz46 (6743points) October 12th, 2009

One of my favorite movie quotes (because it kinda fits with my dating habits) is “Psycho chicks are the best!”. I looked it up on and found it’s from the TV series, “Hardball (1994)” (I must’ve stumbled across it while channel surfing). I don’t remember much else from it, but would like to watch the episode to get a better contextual reference. Netflix doesn’t even list it, nor can I find any clips on YouTube or Hulu.

My memory actually has the quote coming from a movie, possibly involving skiing, so if anyone knows another source for this quote, I’ll take it.

IMDb lists another quote from “Hardball”, spoken by a sports announcer: “I love that guy – but not in the way you’re thinking. I want to have sex with him!” I remember seeing that scene as well, but I didn’t remember it from the same film.

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The only Hardball TV series I’m aware of is a political talk show on MSNBC with Chris Matthews. I’m pretty sure that’s not the one you’re looking for…

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Nope, this was apparently a baseball-related comedy from 1994. No politics involved.

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Keep an eye on, perhaps.

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The Chris Matthews joint?

In my nightmares.

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