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Which Netflix movies do you have sitting at home right now?

Asked by St.George (5852points) September 20th, 2008

Do you think that you will eventually watch them, or will you just end up returning them unwatched?

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A bunch of random crap: Street Kings, Lonely Hearts and 27 Dresses. It’s a toss up on those last two as to whether they’ll be watched or not.

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some ufc fights, and I will at some point and watch them lol

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Baby Mama…

I hope to watch it soon, nut the toddler never sleeps here-ugh!

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My movies:
Baby Einstein: Lullaby Time
Baby Einstein: Baby’s First Sounds
I find these on my comprehension level =) They’re for my niece and hopefully my wife and I soon =)
My wifes:
Inu-Yasha: The Movie: Affections Touching Across Time
Inu-Yasha: Vol. 25: Crimson Blade
I got her addicted to Cartoons and now she likes this show. The only anime she’ll watch though

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The Rules of the Game, which I just watched today. Talk to Her and M will be watched tomorrow. They’ll all be back in the mailbox on Monday.

My Netflix movies do not sit around. I watch them as soon as I can when I get them and send them back the next day. I have never returned a movie unwatched. But I have watched a movie more than once in one day so that I could still return it the next day, even though I would have liked to keep it longer.

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For namesake

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Alright… So who burns ‘em? C’mon… Buncha liars. You all do!

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Season 6, Disc 4 of “The Shield”. In the mailbox on Monday.

I bounce ‘em in and out of the house like a hot potato… get the most out of the subscription.

I love, love, love Netflix.

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@twrex. If I knew how to do it, I might try…..but alas, I haven’t a clue

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@Snoopy Aargh, well if ye be needin’ advice I’m sure ye can be contactin’ me. I do enjoy a good piratin’ conversation. although technically, it’s making a backup for them. In case of fire or something =)

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I don’t burn them because it’s too much trouble and I have too much crap as it is in my tiny apartment. I could just rent it again.

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-@tWrex how did you know? can you see through my computer?

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@SpatzieLover Maybe, I iz in yowr mowtherbored, stealin yowr ram. (I can’t believe I just did a lolcats sentence.)

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Ikiru and first season of Weeds

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@kruger just watched the whole weeds series. good stuff!

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