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Why are people complaining about not being able to fly because of the Volcano errupting in Iceland?

Asked by Sophief (6681points) April 16th, 2010

I can understand that they have places to go, people to meet, beaches to lay on, but can’t they step back for one moment and think they might never reach their destination? If any of the ash gets into the engines, it could seriously damage it and the plane will come down.

Is a holiday really more important than hundreds of lives?

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People like to bitch about things when they get the chance, a reason to vent. I wonder how many people waiting for the plane even thought what you thought @Dibley maybe if they did well they might not complain….

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They are just complaining about the disruption to their schedules, or they do not understand the danger to engines (becoming clogged with ash).

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I would assume that for many people they have taken great expense and care and planning with their travel. Everything from pet sitting, rental agreements, meetings, hotels etc. All that work having to shift and the added expense of hotel if stranded.
The sad part would be those who only had that given time line to travel- as in paid vaction- and now their plans are chucked.

Such natural events are often life-disrupting.
I feel for them

With a spouse who works in the airline industry I fully know how dangerous it is to fly in volcanic ash and also know how the airlines will not cancel flights without good cause as it costs them a lot of money. Still that is little consolation to those who were planning the trip of a lifetime or attending an event that will go on without them.

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@Dog But they will be alive, to attending their event again. You wouldn’t want your spouse flying a plane and being killed so the passengers didn’t miss an event.

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@Dibley I totally agree- but they still are likely sad at plans gone wrong.

Think of it as being a bride- you have planned and looked forward to the fun and experience. But on the big day your groom cannot show up.

Or perhaps consider it as the trip you saved a lifetime for

Or even that you are finally moving back home

Or that your lover is on one continent and you on another..

For some they will not be able to take the trip at all now.
For others they might be just fine and everything will resume

I am not justifying major complaining but I do feel for those who cannot be where they wish.

I guess we are a bit spoiled as a society. We are able to travel fairly freely. When that is cut off we feel helpless and frustrated.

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I think @marinelife is right, in that people don’t realize the dangers of volcanic ash. In 1989, KLM flight 867 flew through a volcanic ash cloud near the Anchorage airport. Within 60 seconds, all of the 747’s engines had shut down from microscopic volcanic glass shards. The plane fell 13,000 feet before the pilots could restart the engines, and they barely managed to make an emergency landing.

I have a feeling if more people knew that story, they wouldn’t be complaining as much!

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@Dr_Dredd I know that story, that’s I asked the question, and why it annoys me just how people are. Thanks for your comment.

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@Dibley The only reason I knew the story is because I saw a snippet on the news this morning. It’s definitely not one of the more “popular” air disasters. :-)

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@Dr_Dredd Maybe they should show Air Crash Investigations to all the impatient passengers.

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I think this is very disruptive to people’s schedules. I can empathize with them. People should be able to comprehend that flying now is dangerous.
People have a tendency to vent their emotions; without comprehending that flying can be dangerous in this situation.
If the engines stalled on their planes. They would probably be the ones to start Class Action law suits against the Airlines.

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We’re British & we like to complain….. especially about anything even remotely weather related.

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You are funny.
People in general enjoy complaining.
Venting is good for your health. In moderation.

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Im glad the planes don’t fly; it’s good for the environment.

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I saw some drunk Scottish man on the news saying in a load voice, “I hate Iceland.” Now that is really uncalled for. Fine they are upset about the disruption, but to blame Iceland is just stupid. Here is the link he actually had on a Hooters sweatshirt. LOL. Real winner.

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Sadly people seem to find illogical reasons to hate others.
Too bad they can’t find more reason to like each other.

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I’m sure they’re complaining because there’s nothing else they can do. Besides, I don’t think they’re really complaining about the airlines, they’re complaining about the eruption. It’s kind of like “Damn, it’s so cold today that I can’t wear my new dress.” but significantly more frustrating.

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@JLeslie….... all very true….... but it was bloody funny!
& Iceland did screw us over when the financial crisis hit so there might be more to his tongue-in-cheek anger.

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@JeffVader I see. I was not aware.

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@JLeslie Yeh, their banks owe many of our councils, litterally millions of £££‘s, & they’ve refused to pay any back.

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It’s inconvenient and people love to complain.

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My step-sisters boyfriend is stranded in China until at least sunday (possibly Tuesday), he was supposed to be back in the UK yesterday. She misses him obviously but I know that if it was my man I would want him to stay in one place until it was safe for him to fly back. If they were aware what the consequences were I think most people would choose not to fly even if they are moaning about it.

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Those who complain should move to Mars, because AFAIK, it doesn’t have any active volcanoes. ;-)

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@Brian1946 Yeah. I don’t think Olympus Mons has exploded for millions of years. :-)

@Dibley LOL! I love it. Great idea.

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I basically agree with you.

I’ve seen one or two documentaries that included the Olympi, but I don’t remember any of them mentioning when the last Martian volcanic eruption was.

Here’s what I found at Wiki: “The youngest lava flows on Olympus Mons are only 20 to 200 million years old.”.

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I thought it was stupid, too.

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The vast majority of people are not complaining about the fact that airlines aren’t willing to risk flying through engine disrupting volcanic ash, it’s like @Dog said – they spent their time planning for a trip or will miss an event.

They’re annoyed at the volcano for erupting and preventing them from travelling; not at the airlines who aren’t willing to fly through engine disrupting volcanic ash.

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We have friends stranded in Malta who have no idea when they will be able to get home. They are having to try and re-book flights and find accommodation, and with 5 children that is not cheap. What also do they say to employers if they cant get back to work by Monday? More money lost?
Its a complete nightmare. Ryanair has just cancelled all flights till at least Monday.
I also heard that the last time this volcano exploded in 1820 it kept active from time to time for 18 months !!
We are in uncharted territory here.
No wonder people feel the need to complain.

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Or more accurately at the series of uncontrollable events, not so much at a volcano.

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Wow. Jimmy Buffett had it right. “I don’t know where I’m a-gonna go when the volcano blows.” :-)

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One study indicates it will not affect the whole world. See link.

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