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What are some colloquial or slang phrases with more than one meaning?

Asked by liminal (7754points) April 16th, 2010

My daughter heard my partner say “I nailed it!” To which my daughter popped her head into the room and questioned “I have been meaning to ask, what does nailed mean?”

My partner explained that she had meant ‘I got it just right’. To which my daughter asked “Then what did my friend mean when he said ‘You’re going to get nailed’ when we were playing football?”

Then we remembered there could be more than one meaning. Which led us to answering her next question of “Who does the nailing?” very carefully.

This has me pondering other everyday phrases and words where an understanding of slang and context is very helpful. Any come to mind?

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“Let’s go get hammered.” (get drunk)
“The nail was hammered into the wood.”

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I’ve got wood & i’m no carpenter, if you get my drift,oops there’s another one for good measure & another…..

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Roger, Roger, I did roger her.

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It will always mean a male chicken to me.
Others think it means penis.

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If you look up the definition of the word “fuck” in a good dictionary (a good dictionary being one that carries the definitions of such ‘bad words’) then you’ll see that any sentence using that word can have many meanings.

Ditto the word “screw”.

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Pissed. In the states, it tends to means angry but in England, it can mean very very drunk. I got more than a few funny looks when I was in London talking about how angry I was, “Man I was pissed!” when I hadn’t been drinking anything.

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“Want me to knock you up?”

Said in England it means to ask if you would like a wake-up call.
Said in America it means to ask if you would like to be f*#ked.

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dude. dude? dude dude.

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You all are cracking me up!

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