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Quick effective remedies for allergies?

Asked by jackm (6200points) April 16th, 2010

So if you are one of the lucky people not affected by allergies, and you have not heard that pollen is the worst its been in years then I envy you.

My allergies are destroying me right now. I was wondering if anyone knew any quick and effective measures for fixing this, or atleast tempering the symptoms. Awful runny nose, itchy eyes, and cough.

Any advice? I will try literally anything, I am desperate.

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Benadryl. it’s not creative, but it works.

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I feel your pain. Literally. The only relief I’ve found this year is a neti pot, vaconase, zyrtec, singulair and allergy eye drops (that I can’t remember the name of right now). Usually I can get by with OTC stuff but this year is just above and beyond.

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mucinex dm…..claritin for me right now. and back to asthma meds soon.
Note the KY girls chirp right on in here. Close your windows.
Thank God for a little rain!

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The most effective relief is to board a plane for the sub tropics or tropical zones. lol

Last year threw me into the second asthma attack in 15 years…really bad season.

Maybe the west coast is getting some relief this year…but, it’s not May yet…I am surrounded by billions of oaks and pines, cars are a greenish yellow for weeks on end up here! ;-(

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Would claritin work if i start now? My doctor said it takes a few weeks to start working.

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mucinex would help immediately….....claritin is helping me somewhat. I had a fit at 6 this morning. i grabbed claritin. i just started it 5 pills ago.

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Anything is better than nothing. I would really, really, really recommend Sinus Rinse too. I use it when I wake up and again right before bed. It flushes out all the pollen that gathers in your nose.

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oh, i hate doing that, but you are so right. is neti pot better?

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@jazmina88 I found the neti pot to be harder to angle right. The Sinus Rinse was easier because you just bend your face downwards and the bottle goes upwards. No weird side-ward movements. My mom swears by the neti pot though.

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you going to Thunder gemi?? with the masses?? and the smoke??

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@jazmina88 I’ll PM you, okay?

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In Louisville we have the worlds largest fireworks and huge air show tomorrow. with the pollen sky high today. Dont know about tomorrow. That is bound to mess up some breathing with the added pollutants….....half a million folks
starts off DERBY

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Medicinal tea.
I don’t usually go for that kind of thing, but I bought a sample box of some of their “seasonal teas” at the pharmacy, and I was a believer.

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Spend spring in Phoenix

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Nasonex. It works so well that I know nothing about this supposedly bad pollen.

Disclaimer: My allergies don’t really affect my eyes as much, so you might still need eye drops. I would suggest you make an appointment at an allergy clinic. Best 30 bucks I ever spent.

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Zyrtec, Sinus Rinse, eyedrops, and Veramyst. And then a tiny little dab of cortisone cream at the tip of your eyes when they get too itchy and you’ve been scratching them all day.

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@squidcake – Which of the teas helped you the most? My husband has horrible nasal allergies and would like to see if it helps him.

I feel for you allergy sufferers. I only have mild issues when the pollen is really bad. I’ve joined you in the itchy eye and nose category. I can’t imagine going through this every year. <Passes out tissues and Flonase to all.>

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My daughter’s pediatrician suggested she take a teaspoon of local honey each day to help with her allergies. It doesn’t help immediately, but doing this helps build immunity to the local pollens.

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“Breathe Easy” works the best for allergy symptoms.
For general purposes, I’d say the “Gypsy Cold Care” worked best.
(You may want to try a sample box as well. It includes “Breathe Easy,” “Gypsy Cold Care,” “Echinacea,” and “Throat Coat.” Well worth it.)

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