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How do i retrieve the firefox password file?

Asked by iwamoto (5266points) April 19th, 2010

So my gf’s vista system crashed, and i already backed up the pictures/music etc. but she told me there are some passwords saved in her firefox that she needs, does anyone have a clue as to where it could be stored ? i’m guessing it’s just one or two files, but where and what would be the name ?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Go to

Tools—>Options—>Security—>On Options screen,Click “Saved Password” button
On the same screen click “Show passwords” button & then” Are you sure you wish to show your passwords?” pop up click “Yes button.

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You should just be able to copy the profile folder over. If that fails this greasemonkey script rocks.

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@blinkErri that solution won’t work since the system crashed, and i have not found a way to get it up again (we’ll just wipe it later)

@johnpowell profile folder, but where would it be located ? i enabled hidden files n folders and skulked around the user folder, but nothing of particular interest came into sight, i’ll check some more though later tonight.

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Me not sure how vista organizes user profiles. I have win 2000, quite old.
But you said system crashed, so you tried to recover files with system recovery software.
Anyway this is where firefox profile is stored, put it in another box and check it works.(Apparently after moving the existing firefox folder in new system)

its c:\Doc and Set\LOGIN_ID\firefox\defaults.
Or just copy from firefox

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you just have to go to the firfox website and redownload the defaults.

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