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No one seems to want to follow my tumblr blog can someone offer me advice other than write intersting stuff and follow other people?

Asked by joshgrabs (19points) April 19th, 2010

I think i write interesting stuff but i have only 12 followers after about 5 months if someone could offer some advice into effective blogging i would greatly appreciate it. I’m new to it so that might be why.

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@joshgrabs if this Q is a sample of what you write, then I’m surprised that you have even 12 followers.

What do you write about? What are your interests? Why not post a link to your blog on your profile?

Details, man! Good writing is about details made interesting. You haven’t evidenced any of that yet.

Get on your horse now.

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I stopped caring about followers and just posted and reblogged what I’m interested in and what I enjoy looking at. I guess that worked because just the other day I realized I have 93 followers. I wouldn’t fret about it too much, you should enjoy tumblr!

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give us a link and we can give you feedback about what it there…

joshgrabs's avatar well this is the link to my tumblr i couldn’t put it up cuz they thought i was self promoting which i understand. I usually post quotes by myself or others photos i take, or i reblog others posts that i find interesting. Pretty much your standard stuff i guess you could say.

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I can only speak for myself, but honestly, your blog is not at all for me. One, I find the format to be confusing. Two, the content doesn’t appeal to me. I prefer blogs that have interesting writing that gives me some sort of inkling as to who the author is. I’m also a bit of a pain-in-the-ass when it comes to punctuation and well-constructed sentences, but that is me, and I am admittedly an English language snob.

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The gigantic header you have is really distracting, if you are interested in keeping all the information you have in it, I suggest a theme that will put it all on the side instead.

The sentence “MySpace is gay” with a link to your myspace kind of irk’d me, not going to lie.
I also think the main thing about tumblr is that it is micro blogging. People who are using it, are visual and a lot of what you wrote is very long, with no titles. It comes off a little daunting, which leaves someone with a short attention span to navigate away from the post. Not to say that you aren’t able to write anything long on tumblr, but make it interesting and worthwhile to your audience.

Hope that helped!

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@MissAnthrope pretty much speaks for me, too.

Format: contrast is too light for my eyes, fonts too small, and topic placement too dispersed. I’ll read fine print for something that’s vital or very interesting… but that doesn’t include many 16-year-olds, and none that I don’t already know.

There are two brands of Sox, you know.

If you write a blog that shows you really care about something (other than Josh), and have something vital, interesting, humorous or brilliant to say, and promote the thing effectively, then it’ll be read. Otherwise…

Keep at it.

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I missed the “MySpace is gay” comment.. that alone would cause me to click away in a heartbeat. One suggestion, blogging aside, is remove the word “gay” from your vocabulary in that sort of context. There are a lot of other words you could use, like “lame”, “sucky”, whatever.

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Look at and link to other tumblr blogs. And other links of specific interest to you, be they your high school band or someone’s photos on flickr. Eventually some will link back Some of this is a “you scrat5ch my back, I’ll scratch yours”—links and link-backs build readership.

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Thanks for all the advice i will take it all into consideration C=. I apologize for my English if it is improper, I’ve never been the best in the subject, but i could be worse I think. Through this I am hoping to become a better writer and just express myself. Now time to see if i can find a new theme….

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agreed about the header the size = too big. also…this is me…doesn’t seem an accurate title. there is little about you there. lastly, (personal preference) more lists, bc lists are cool.

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@unique what do you mean by lists> mean i know what a list is but what kind of lists are you talking about just wondering. Also I’m in the process of coming up with a new title and until i come up with a new one “This is me…” will have to do.

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