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A pregnancy photo shoot ideas.

Asked by Alana2009 (132points) April 19th, 2010 from iPhone

I’ll be photographing a young pregnant couple who are due in 2 weeks and I need fun ideas for the shoot. I was thinking of taking them to a baby store and photograph them pretend shopping and having fun. What are some other fun and unique ideas for a pregnancy photo shoot?

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I think you should get some candid photos of them in the waiting room during their next doctors appointment. That gives the series a more personal feel.

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How about taking a nap on the front lawn of the hospital.

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I always like pregnant nudes, but that’s just me.

I do like both @ChazMaz and @Captain_Fantasy ‘s ideas.

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gymnastic equipment went thru my twisted mind.

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Petting zoo with baby chicks and bunnies? You know, all spring-timey and new-lifey.

don’t know if that would be safe for pregnant women though.

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I think you might need to clarify something here…is it 2 women who are both pregnant or a couple who are expecting?

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It’s a man and a woman who are expecting their first baby.

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How about some pics out in nature in spring scenery?

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The pregnant belly is so impressive and beautiful at this point – I’d try some pics of the husband interacting with dare I say worshipping? the belly and the baby inside.

“like this
And this one is pretty cute, I think.

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How about fancy dress…... someone could always dress up as a whale ;)

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I have seen recently some photos in the past few years…of the heart shaped out of the hands and placing over the tummy. Or the dad kissing the mom’s tummy.

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