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Does anybody know of any resources or organizations for someone interested in teaching English in Italy?

Asked by Nullo (21944points) April 19th, 2010

Seems like a long shot for this audience, but I figure that it won’t hurt to try.

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My son took a semester in France and then took the second semester as a break. He went to Italy and ended up teaching English in an unofficial manner. He had fun and also learned Italian.

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Try this page or this. Those were just a couple available when I did a Google search. Good luck. :)

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try language exchange. That is Learning French in exchange for English. Advertise at universities and colleges. why universities? because i have attended some lectures with students from Italy (that go on ERASMUS programs) – they have difficulties at times with the English vocabulary

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This question ultimately depends on your motivations, your interest in a longer-term career in English language teaching (ELT from here on in) and your willingness to spend a little money.

If you answer the implied questions here, I can help.

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I haven’t taught in Italy but I’ve taught in France and the Czech Republic. You might find this response useful that I made on a previous thread regarding teaching English in Europe.

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