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Did anyone else have this reaction to Seroquel?

Asked by GracieT (7390points) April 20th, 2010

I was diagnosed bi-polar at age 39. I don’t know if it developed at that late age because I always had it and was mis-diagnosed, or if it developed as a result of the Traumatic Brain Injury that I suffered in 1992. I went on it to treat the bi-polar depression I have and also to help me sleep. I wasn’t happy about taking it at first because of the possible side effects it has, but I now depend on it to sleep. I was ok on 100 and then 200 mg, but when my doctor tried 300 mg my throat swelled and I couldn’t breathe. He put me on another medicine that protected me from the breathing problems and I went back to 200 mg along with the new medication. Has anyone else had a reaction like this to Seroquel and how did they deal with it?

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What is your Doctor’s specialty? If he or she is not specifically a psychopharmacologist, I suggest you find someone who is to manage your medication.

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I also happen to be bipolar and took Seroquel. I am highly allergic to it. The reaction I had was a skin disorder called dermagraphia making the skin terribly sensitive to any touch. Taking a shower was torture.

Your throat swelling shut sounds like an allergic reaction, and it’s just my suggestion, but I would look for another medication. There are lots out there.

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Damn! No, I NEVER had a reaction like that and I was taking a pretty high dosage at one point! I’d talk to your doctor or pharmacist!

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Sounds like a severe allerigc reaction. You should not be on Seroquel if it does that. I am on it and was told if any allergic reaction occurs to discontinue it. Being awakes for too long is much better than asphyxiating in my opinion

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@dpworkin: Most psychopharmacologists I know are academics, not clinicians. The patient should make sure their doctor is a psychiatrist who keeps current on research in that field and who has contacts with whom they can consult for advice on side effects and complications. @Gracyt If you are not confident in your doctors credentials, make some enquiries and change doctors if you are not confident in their knowledge.

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