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What are these two computer games?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7991points) April 21st, 2010

I played these games on a Windows 95, I believe, and the games probably came with them because they were just demos.

Okay, the first is a game I used to play in the 90’s. In it you were a dinosaur which ran around and looked for eggs and had to run away from bigger dinosaurs. There might have been something you were supposed to do to those bigger dinosaurs, such as killing them, but the game was only a preview so you couldn’t play it for very long. It wasn’t strictly a little kids game. There were mountains and lakes and volcanoes with lava and different places you ran around. I think the dinosaur have had a backpack that he carried the eggs in…

The other was kind of a capture the flag deal. There was a shape with a gun, and there were obstacles in this grid looking arena. In this, you had to find the other shapes that were hiding flags (there were about five in all, I think), and you had to get it and go back to your base. It was mostly black but with colored geometric shapes, like triangles.

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Dinosaur Adventure 3-D?

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That dinosaur game sounds like the one that was bundled with the iMacs…

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@andrew : Well… was the game exclusively for iMacs? Do you remember the name?

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