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If someone gave you a surprise exam on your favorite science fiction movie, what grade would you get?

Asked by takidavaki306 (82points) April 21st, 2010

I love science fiction. I would get an A on Avatar, Star Wars, or Indiana Jones.

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I would get an A on The Matrix.

@takidavaki306 Indiana Jones is not science fiction, save maybe the 4th one.

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Not a movie, but I’d get an A on anything concerning Battlestar Galactica.

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I would get an A on Contact. The greatest movie of all time by the time.

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I read the book Contact by Carl Sagan. I really enjoyed Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time”. My favorite old science fiction film is “Planet of the Apes”.

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Is Jurassic Park science fiction? I’d probably get an A.

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I’m right there with ya, @ambos.

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I’d get an A on all of the Star Trek: TNG movies. I’d get… probably a B- on the TOS ones. A on the Matrix – not that it’s in the realm of favourites, but I’ve seen it over 30 times. I give myself a B+ on Event Horizon, and a B on Blade Runner, because I’d probably answer the questions from the perspective of “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”, since book always trumps movie. I get an A on the Star Wars movies as well. They’re easy.

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Total A on anything Terminator-related. :-)

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Oh, movie? I don’t really see science fiction movies. If there were a big screen Doctor Who movie, then that’s the one I’d ace. Haha, get it? Ace?

Ah, you had to be alive then. And know who Peter Davison is.

OK, probably Blade Runner. I don’t really think of it as sci-fi film, though; to me, it’s more of a dystopian warning picture.

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@Parrappa Stole my answer!

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I’d say 89/100 on Star Trek 6 – it’s been a while since I’ve seen it. But then again, if it was multiple choice, 97–100+ tests like that are almost like cheating.

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I’d probably get an A- or at least a B+.......most likely for the movies Dune or The Abyss.

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I would likely get at least a B+ on the movie Moon.

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@ChaosCross Ooooh, another good one.

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I know 2001 and Blade Runner real well. Seen them both dozens of times.
I have also seen Dark City a lot, but I still have troubles with parts, so I wouldn’t do well there.

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I would get an A on Blade Runner.

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I think I would probably get a C on Blade Runner. But that doesn’t mean it’s not my favorite.
Blade Runner is definitely sci-fi to me though pretty atypical- I think it’s also film noir which is probably what makes it so unique.

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@rovdog I definitely agree with Blade Runner being “film noir” as well as science fiction. It’s a wonderfully atmospheric piece of film. Ever read the original book it’s based off (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep)? It’s quite different from the film, and very, very strange. Then again, everything that P K Dick wrote was strange.

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If you can help it – never watch the Director’s Cut of Blade Runner. They took out all the narration. Totally ruins the entire feel of the movie.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I have watched (and own the DVDs) of both versions, but I definitely prefer the original over the director’s cut. You’re right about the voiceovers, although they were originally inserted because Ridley Scott wasn’t happy with the editing. It did work out to be a better version in the end.

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I haven’t read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep but I’ve always wanted to. I’ve seen multiple versions of Blade Runner runner and get them confused in my mind. I think I liked it better without narration but that was only after to seeing it with the narration. I remember hearing something that the studio thought the audience would be too confused.

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There are few things I despise more than a movie that assumes I’m an idiot.

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@aprilsimnel: Peter Davison was my first Doctor. I’ll always have a soft spot for him.

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@JilltheTooth – Tom Baker was my first and still my favourite, though I’ve seen all of them since. Tennant is 2nd and Patrick Troughton is 3rd.

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@aprilsimnel Tom was my first Doctor too, and my favourite. In fact your first two are the same as mine. My third favourite is one many others didn’t like: Sylvester McCoy. He and Ace were a great partnership.

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I would probably get a B on I Am Legend

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Jumper! or Push!

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@tearsxsolitude I recently saw Jumper. I was surprised how bad it was. They could have tried to make a great movie, but instead tried to set up a lot of sequels.

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@filmfann Sequels? I didn’t know that they had any! I liked the movie though. I went and read the book which is NOTHING like the movie. Not even a little. I loved the book like crazy!

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There weren’t any, since the first was so bad. That’s the rub.

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@filmfann Oh gottcha. Oh well the book was better anyway! The book did have a sequle and it was awesome but I really wish that there had been a third!

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I went to see Jumper and I was very disappointed. That kid just deserved a good slap, and I wanted to tell his girlfriend to dump the jerk. But I loved Griffen, and that car “chase”.

It looked like the sort of thing that they cound have turned into a kids TV series rather than a series of movies.

In any case it wasn’t as bad as the second Transformers movie, which was just about the worst thing I’ve ever wasted money on seeing.

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@downtide Griffen was the shit! He had his own book that was like a prequel to the movie on only his life and it was awesome!

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I’ve actually had to take a test on Blade Runner. I got an A. I’d probably get an A on anything related to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or The X-Files, too.

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A++++ on all of my favorites
A++ on the rest I’ve seen

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I would probably get an A on anything related to’‘A Room With A View’’ or’‘Pride and Prejudice’’.

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A+ on “Weird Science,” “Short Circuit,” and “ET!” I love the old 80’s Sci Fi movies- many were light and fun.
Number 5 is alive!

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I might get a B + on X Files.

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