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I think my college is throttling Bittorrent, any way around it?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) August 27th, 2008

perhaps throttle is the wrong word, I simply cannot download .torrent files.

Lets assume I need it for “educational” purposes.

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A quick test to see if the university is blocking the .torrent filetype:
email any .torrent file to yourself: this way, you will see how they handle the filetype as a potentially blocked item.

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Have you tried to enable RC4 transport encryption? It may or may not work, but I know it helps to make the traffic type undetectable. You may also need to switch the default ports.

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Make sure that you have encryption enabled… PeerGuardian helps too

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My school does throttle torrent files and I’ve confirmed this.

I agree with aanuszek1…enable encryption and use PeerGuardian too.

I also use Anonymizer software (you can buy it or free trial) and it changes your IP address. This increases my download/upload speed for some reason.

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