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What advice would you have given these people?

Asked by john65pennington (29263points) April 22nd, 2010

Residentially zoned neighborhood is changed to commercial. only one residential house remains and occupied by two people. next door to their house is a residential home that is now a daycare. people, next door, call the police numerous times to complain of the noise and the fence violation, at the daycare. you are the officer at the scene of this complaint. what advice would you give to the complainants?

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Lucy. there was no way this family was going to lose in this situation. their house was surrounded by zone changed housing, buildings and a school. thanks.

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Tell them to go get a job and work during the hours of operation at the day care. They could petition the zoning board to try to reverse the zoning change but that would be an unlikely outcome and a long uphill battle at best. The very least could and should do is to contact the daycare and ask nicely for better control of outdoor activities along the fence line.

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Cruiser. the complainants worked at night jobs and attempted to sleep in the daytime. i left that part out in my question, my fault. this was really a delicate situation, since the complaintants had just bought their house a year earlier. the noise of the children at the daycare would not allow them to sleep. tough call here.

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@john65pennington I knew it was a tough call and in all my years of owning homes I have always had a bad egg neighbor and can empathize with these people especially the rezoning aspect. I’m not sure if they knew or were part of the zoning process but come re-election time I would do everything in my power to get those meat heads who re-zoned my neighborhood “fired”!

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I’d recommend they contact county Code Enforcement about the fence violation, and invest in a good pair of earplugs. Unfortunately, there’s nothing else that can be done.

I hate the way zoning changes things up and essentially forces people out of the houses they’ve spent years investing in. I’ve watched many, many 50+ year old houses disappear to be replaced by strip malls. Wal-Mart just demolished the house of the last adamant man. He did not want to leave, he did not want to sell out. The county called Eminent Domain on him and he was forced out. God bless America, right?

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@Seek_Kolinahr One time I was at a movie theater and they had one of those advertising slide show things going on. One was for a realtor and it had a thing on there that said “America is the only country where you can own your land!” I had to laugh.

As far as advice goes, try and it get it re-zoned or sell the property to some kind of industrial institution. If the town hasn’t gotten around to making a law against having a strip club or bar that close to a daycare center (or the like) then made a big hullabaloo about creating a bar or strip club. They’ll be stopped, of course, but they may get some kind of weird revenge out of it.

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@Seek_Kolinahr God Bless the Supreme Court and Kelo v. New London. :-(

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