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Do you prefer to be trusted or respected by someone?

Asked by shorty (244points) March 11th, 2008
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both, actually

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Both for me, too. But if I HAD to choose I’d have to go with respect. Then I could work on earning trust.

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of course I’d like both as well, but I’d be more opt for the respect. If you don’t respect someone, its hard to trust them. See what I’m getting at?

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I too think they’re closely related – how could I respect someone that I don’t trust and vice versa?

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Hey you can not be respected if you can not be trusted!!!

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@mikeyC: That’s not true… What about politicians?!!

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I gotta say trusted. Personally i respect a lot of people, but only trust very few, so I feel to be trusted is a more exclusive honour.

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Both, but those are things that have to be earned and proven over time.

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They go hand in hand. I don’t respect people I can’t trust, and I don’t trust people I can’t respect.

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@isteve what is it you don’t get. See cwilbur response…..that is how I see it. If you don’t trust them then surly you don’t respect them and vise versa! I may “show” respect and the plot thickens he he.

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It was more of a joke, really… I was actually thinking about a certain govenor who’s wife probably doesn’t have much trust in him right now…

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@iSteve ohhoho!!! Time to get in the bunker. I pray its not to late . LOL No no respect there and trust is something to do with money right . Where the hxx is dr feel at !!! JK!!!

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I would rather be trusted. Then I can take advantage of people and fufill my worldly desires. hehehe

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definitely trust. if people don’t trust you, there is no chance in the world that they would ever respect you. but if someone respects you, chances are they trust you. so i’d choose trust on the chance that i’m headed for respect!

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