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Asked by MetroGnome217 (311points) April 24th, 2010

I am currently writing a novel that involves terrorism and such. I want to create an array of these terrorist organizations that fight with and against each other. However, I have a hard time creating such organizations So here it is:

Please create a (serious) terrorist organization/ gang that I can use in my story

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For example:
Name: Earth’s Army
Objective: Rid the world of pollution by using violence.
Description: A large group of citizens, soldiers and scientists dedicated to saving their planet by all means necessary.
Enemies: Oil companies, whaling vessels, etc
Friends: Greenpeace etc

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Not meaning to sound snarky at all, but there should be tons of info on the net about a plethora of terrorist organizations. Have you looked?

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@janbb I have, i want to see if people can create unique motives
i really cant think of any motives other than religion

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Land rights, scarce resources, animal rights, environmental issues, separatism, overthrow a tyrannical or colonial government, taxation protests – how’s that for starters?

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If you want to have chance to be a successful author, only write about things that you know well. Inexperience and naivety will show through.

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@DarkScribe He/she might be able to pull off a good story without knowing much about the specifics of terrorist organizations. I suspect the inspiration is more in the social dynamics within the imagined organizations or something. A fiction writer can use things they are ignorant of to shape stories, as long as they make sure to focus on what they actually know, like you say.

I suggest researching violent “revolutionary” groups, vigilante groups, etc.. Basically what they used to call terrorists.

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If your powers of invention are letting you down, research is your best inspiration. Sometimes when we look into what’s real, we find things that are much more amazing than anything we could have dreamed up.

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I know of a few fictional organizations that are all about chaos. They don’t want power or wealth, they are not out for vengeance, they just like causing mayhem.

Of those, my personal favorite is the LBI (Legion of the Batshit Insane). I think that their motivations are pretty obvious if you just read the name.

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Think of a pet peeve. For example, I really don’t like the TVs on buses that force feed us advertisements here (they’re called Roadshow”). Or maybe you can’t stand people talking loudly on mobile phones. Then think of creative, violent ways to stop them.

But start with an obsession, something you wish was fixed—if only you had the power…

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A Chinese-funded tea bag group to promote the leasing of America’s infrastructure to foreign investors.

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I always imagined an intriguing group would be one interested in world domination. I mean, really, it is always special interests. What happened to the simple elegance of wanting to simply rule over as large a chunk of the pie as possible?

I always imagined the group, having limited resources, needs to find a way to maximize the effectiveness of their resources. The ladders of power are well traveled and solidly in place. Without a huge amount of compromise you aren’t going to make it to a position of real power. The solution is to throw the whole rule book, or in this case, society, out of the window.

I imagine them using several high altitude nuclear explosions. The EMP would destroy our infrastructure. No power, most vehicles wouldn’t start, no radio or tv broadcasts, emergency or otherwise, and even if they found a way to broadcast, radios, tvs, and computers would all be fried. With the constant supply of food being fed by thousands of big rigs everyday being cut off and general hysteria setting in, rioting and looting, and thus fires, are the logical result. Without phones to report these fires in, and without working fire engines to respond to these urban fires, they would grow quickly out of control. Cities would be deathtraps.

Here’s the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack Critical National Infrastructures Report.

Also, from wikipedia:

“It has long been known that there are many ways to protect against nuclear EMP (or to quickly begin repairs where protection is not practical); but the United States EMP Commission determined that such protections are almost completely absent in the civilian infrastructure of the United States, and that even large sectors of the United States military services were no longer protected against EMP to the level that they were during the Cold War. The public statements of the physicists and engineers working in the EMP field tend to emphasize the importance of making electronic equipment and electrical components resistant to EMP — and of keeping adequate spare parts on hand, and in the proper location, to enable prompt repairs to be made.”

If they had the proper equipment shielded and ready in the right locations they could take over vast tracks of land. I would quietly grab critical areas and then sit quietly and wait for the anarchy to get into full swing before trying to expand control.

They idea is similar to, in Resident Evil: Extinction, if the Umbrella Corporation had succeeded in finding a blood borne pathogen that pacifies zombies. From their underground facilities, they could expanded back onto the surface of the Earth. No nations, no power blocks, nothing to stop them. They kept their trained personnel, their technology, etc, on ice while the whole world went to hell in a hand basket above them. The difference being that if you orchestrate the event that “ends the world as we know it”, you know when, how, and where the event will take place. You wouldn’t have to pull the trigger until you had done all your homework and were entirely in place and ready.

Also, with the trucks, planes, tanks, firearms, men, etc. that you could afford, they wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell in making a dent in an attempt at world domination. However, if you manage to drop the world into the dark ages and chaos first, then the same resources are much more likely to have the desired effect.

If you aren’t good at chess, blow up the chess club and piss on the ashes.

Not that I’ve put any thought into this at all… [cough] [cough]

To be fair I’ve been toying with the concept myself in some of my writings. Although, I don’t believe that bullshit about someone owning a concept or a word. Can you really own something that’s going to potentially exist forever? So, if you come up with a better story using the same idea, I tip my hat to you dear sir. :-)

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