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How do you put a price on building a new web site?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1914points) April 24th, 2010

How do you know how much to ask for building a web site for a company?

Does a CMS system for a web site double the price?

I did a market survey and I know what the price of a basic web site, but most customers want something more than a simple site with a few pages only.

Please advise.

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how big is the site, how many pages? what kind of features are needed? If they want a CMS that does affect the price. How long will it take to cover and implement all the requirements of the project?

consider that against your hourly rate, and there you go.

There is an article on smashing magazine somewhere about this issue, if i fin it ill post back

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Basic static no-cms sites go for about $100 a page plus about 1–300 for design, creating images, etc.
If it is stock images stock design 100 page and no extra.

If other things added, cms, add more each factor: search functions, shopping carts, forms. About double.

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It really depends on how large and complex the site is. A more complex site or one with many pages will require more time/effort to set up, and time is money. And if you want to get really tricky then it could get really pricey.

I believe that @anartist have a good starting point, but there are more variables to consider too, so consider it more of a guideline. Of course, sometimes the customer ants the impossible, and that tends to cost extra as well.

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Another big factor is the quality. The general rule, “you get what you pay for” applies to websites as well.

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3 or 4 dollars.

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I’ve always felt that the best way to canvass prices… is to actually canvass prices. Create a brief, with deliverables that are as specific as you can manage (how many pages, what are the expected features). Then call 2 or 3 developers, or more, and then have them send quotations. Prices really will vary from place to place, from industry to industry, and sometimes we have to do the legwork to get the info we need.

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This is indeed a very good question. Many freelancers struggle with their quotation.
There are a few points that you have to take into considerations when you quote your amount.

I have listed these points below:

1. Number of dynamic pages and static pages.

2. Complexity of the website. (this includes twist and turns with page designs and icons used etc…)

3. If you are buying the domain for the client, then you certainly have to keep this point in your mind when you are doing your math while preparing the best possible quotation.

4. Costings may vary if you are using a CMS (Content Management System) or if you are hard coding the entire website.

5. Number of hours that you are going to invest on the website. (Designing, developing, testing and deploying)

6. Maintenance of the website.

7. And the most important part, your profit margin, this by far is the most important point.

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