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Why do so many rich & powerful people keep getting in trouble for illegal gun possession ?

Asked by Pretty_Lilly (4655points) April 24th, 2010

I have always wondered why do so many rich and famous people {Lil’ Wayne being the last one,,as well as a ton of professional athletes} keep getting arrested,convicted & sent up the river for the illegal possession of an unregistered /unlicensed weapon.
With all their wealth and power,why won’t they just obtain a permit for the gun/weapon or does it make them feel gangsta by having an illegal gun ?
(example:Tim Allen is an ex-felon but he was able to grease enough palms,he was granted a special permit by a governor to carry a conceal weapon.)

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What do all these guys need guns for?
Don’t get me started on Gilbert Arenas. That dude was just being a dunce. Embarrassing.
The only thing I can come up with is that they’re paranoid.
Rich people have more to lose than most.

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They could always do like some of our Nation’s more prominent liberals and entertainers have done: agitate for taking all the peope’s guns away, while they hire armed bodyguards, a la Rose O’donnell.

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@CaptainHarley In all honesty,I think those bodyguards were actually hired by the National Restaurateurs of American to protect their buffets from Rosie !!!

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Because people like Lil Wayne are nothing but chav’s and thugs that just happen to have money…it’s like why in the UK are footballers rich beyond our understanding sleep with 16yr old fans, get with ugly hookers, and drink and drive?! because there basically chav’s

Just because there rich doesn’t make them smart!

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Knuck if you Buck. Pac-Man Jones of the N.F.L. used to play for my Titans and he kept going to titty bars and getting in gunfights. So he got traded. He was good at football but would have made a better rapper. He is an idiot. Who was the guy that I think was another N.F.L. player.? Anyways his pistol slid out his waistband and hit the ground and discharged in a packed club. What it boils down to is unless your a felon, got your hunting/license revoked, or got caught with a gun in an airport or somewhere secure you aren’t going to get in much trouble for having a gun on you or loaded under the frontseat of your car. Usually the police will just take the gun/weapon away, write you a receipt for the gun, and a misdemeanor citation for a weapons charge. Take the receipt to the police station and they will get your gun back to you. My weapons charge cost $250 in TN ten years ago and that was it. I plead guilty on the citation and mailed it in with the fines. Fines, court cost, and time versus fee for the class, background check, range fee and time in class and on range. Its more like a speeding ticket for someone who isn’t a felon or had a gun in their bag at LAX.

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Because, obviously, they are idiots.

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1) they are fools

2) rich fools think that the rules don’t apply to them.

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Indeed! Remember Leona Helmsley? “Only the little people pay taxes.” Grrrrrrrrr!

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It all boils down to money….. just because they are rich they believe that normal rules dont apply to them.

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