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Can anyone help me find 5 wildflowers with the same genus?

Asked by Ume (59points) April 25th, 2010

I have a biology project that involves collecting and identifying 15 different kinds of wildflowers. I currently only have a few wildflowers collected and they’re all different genuses. So my question is where can I find flowers with the same genus?
I currently live in East Texas and I am trying to find flowers in that region, and today I am going to Tyler where I will probably look for flowers there.
So if anybody could please answer my question before I leave(I’m leaving in 2 hours), that would be super appreciated.
Oh and if you also could provide a link with pictures of the flowers, that would also be greatly appreciated.

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Bellis has a lot of daisy-like flowers that are pretty common. Or you might find some other genus of tribe Astereae to your liking?

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well that sounds quite a task, would there be an abundance of wild flowers all from the same Genus? however Rocaceae is a big genus, covers roses, a lot of the northern hemisphere fruits apples, cherrys etc

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Go to a local state park or national park, or call them. Ask to speak to the naturalist, and see what they say. It’s probably illegal to collect inside the park, but it’s a fair bet they could tell you where to look outside the park boundary.

I know there are wildflower nurseries that could also help. Perhaps you could download pics from their site, and/or samples of leaves, stems and/or flowers.

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Google + “texas wildflower genus” =

This lists the families. You then google the family name with the word “genus” after it, and you get listings.

Just out of curiosity, are you lazy, or do you really not understand how to find information on the Internet?

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@PandoraBoxx good answer/question

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No its just that the flowers I collected were really hard to identify and none of them shared a genus. So it was really frustrating for me, especially since I had collected all the flowers that I needed but I didn’t have any flower that shared a genus.
On top of that the websites that I went on to identify my flowers were not adequate to identify some of my flowers and it was just an overall frustrating experience.
Its definitely harder than one would think, especially when you’re collecting white and yellow flowers.

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