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Ever try Rosetta Stone to learn a new language? Does it really work as well as they claim or is it all hype?

Asked by MarcoNJ (946points) April 25th, 2010

Just another random thought. I keep hearing the commercials and it seems to betting a lot of recognition. Just curious really. Anyone ever try it? If so, was it as effective as you hoped it to be? Would you recommend it others?

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Unfortunately, I cannot answer your question directly. However, perhaps some of the answers to these previous questions will help you.

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@bobbinhood Lmao. OK, you got me. I feel stupid for not doing a search first.
I walk away in shame.

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@MarcoNJ Aww…no harm done! I wasn’t trying to be a snob about it. I actually searched it because I remembered a really interesting answer by a linguist on a question about a similar program. I knew that Rosetta Stone had come up in that discussion, and I was hoping to find that answer. After looking through a couple pages of search results, I gave up, but figured I could at least point you to those other questions.

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As I said on all the other questions that have already been asked, I don’t like it. I don’t think it really works that well.

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@bobbinhood Was it this one? (shameless self-promotion, I know)

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@the100thmonkey It was! You deserve a prize. :)

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