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Would you like to drive a car using your eyes and nothing more ?

Asked by philosopher (9152points) April 25th, 2010

See link.

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I’d be constantly hopping the curb and bumping into scantily clad women.

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While there are times when I wish there was an “auto-pilot” for cars, the truth is that I enjoy driving.

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Nah takes all the joy out of it.

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Nah…i think I would get too distracted and lose my license in no time.

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I think the cockeyed people would be at a disadvantage.

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Hood-mounted, sight-guided machine guns would be handy, though.

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i always look to the side a lot so i would be screwing everyone over

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No. I prefer the feedback and sense of control that manual-everything gives me. I don’t even like power steering.

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No it would spoil the fun and challenging aspect of it.

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Sure. Let me look over my shoulder at what is coming up beside me. Oh, it’s a bicyclist. Sorry, didn’t mean to hit you. my car did it.

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The new cars are getting closer and it makes me feel a little strange.
Our new car has no key to turn it on. You push a button. Most features are on the wheel.
It dials numbers through a Blue Tooth.
Cars now park themselves too.

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@philosopher Push button start things are another old style feature that’s coming back. My dad’s 1963(?) Mercedes 190SL had a push button start.

Another feature like that is having the headlight dimmer on the steering column. Originally there was a cord attached to a lever on the column that opened and closed a lantern shutter on the front of the vehicle. Then it got moved to the floor. Now it’s back on the column.

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It is odd for me.
Science Chanel has shows about this stuff.

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Absolutely not:
One of the biggest problems with drivers today is that they don’t understand that driving is a physical, interactive activity.
Drivers that lust for cars that isolate them as much as possible from the driving occupation make me sad.
I want a car with a manual shifter that feels like the well oiled bolt of a rifle.
Numb electric power steering? Vague, soft oversized seats? Hundreds of pounds of sound deadening material? It all makes me sick.
You have to drive, why shouldn’t it be as sensory and engaging an experience as possible?

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