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What do you think about this recent US study linking depression and chocolate?

Asked by partyparty (9142points) April 27th, 2010

This study links people who are depressed eating more chocolate.

Do you eat more chocolate if you are feeling depressed?
Is there anything else you may eat to lift your mood?

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And next month another study will refute it.

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I thought depressed people in general might eat more food as a way for comfort.

Why only limit the study to chocolate?

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@Steve_A I think chocolate is supposed to enhance your mood.
@tinyfaery Oh what a cynic LOLL
@tuxuday Ha ha… good point!!

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Does it mean that children are depressed or this study is true only for adults?

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I’m seconding @Steve_A . Every study I’ve seen about chocolate has shown that it lifts your mood. It would make sense that someone depressed would eat more chocolate, and also other foods.

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Then I’ve been depressed forever and so is a good part of the world. How about liking chocolate because you have a sweet tooth.
@tinyfairy. Love your comment and agree. Funny thing is I always hear on tv how one should eat chocolate for enhancing your mood and how chocolate has other benifits as well.

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A better study maybe is to monitor the person’s entire diet for a period when they are depressed and not depressed for comparison.

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Chocolate makes me feel better. isnt there stuff in it that supposed to make you feel better, not worse?

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@slick44 Yes I’ve just found this:-

Chocolate is a source of anadamide, a neurotransmitter that targets the same parts of the brain as THC, the active ingredient in cannabis. But chocolate contains such minuscule levels of anadamide, you’d need to eat kilos of it in order to make any impact on the amount that’s circulating in the brain naturally. So, why does chocolate give us the buzz it does? Scientists believe other chemicals in chocolate cause anadamide to hang around in the brain for longer, enhancing its stimulant effect. The sweet stuff also boosts our levels of endorphins, the brain’s natural happy hormones.

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I think the authors of these studies should be beaten with Licorice Ropes until they actually have conclusions and proof to these theories they pull out of their ass! WTH is this supposed to actually mean or prove??

“Distinguishing among these possibilities will require different study designs,” the team said.

They said future studies will be needed to determine whether chocolate is a cause of depression, or a temporary salve.”

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People eat what they like to self medicate whether it’s chocolate or chips and dip.

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@Cruiser Love your answer. LOLL But wouldn’t you just love to be a volunteer on one of these trials? Go on be honest, it would be rather nice don’t you think, eating chocolate all the time?
@thriftymaid Well it says chocolate makes you feel happy, don’t know whether chips and dip does the same. What do you think?

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@Cruiser You’re taking the wrong attitude here sweetie.
They’re going to do more studues where people eat chocolate! Just tell me where to sign!

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@Trillian Yes exactly… volunteering to eat chocolate (and being paid for it) ... lovely!!

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Hershey and I are best friends because I was denied sweets as a child. No depression, simply making up for years without.

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I don’t eat when I’m depressed, which is good.

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@partyparty Sugar makes you feel happy and it also makes you want more of it.

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@Sophief Have you ever tried chocolate when you are feeling low?
@Steve_A GA thanks :-)

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OK, ok @partyparty, @Trillian maybe I am upset they didn’t contact me to volunteer for the study!!

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@partyparty No, I can’t stomach food at all, it just seems tasteless.

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Dark, dark chocolate is a go to food when I am feeling sad.

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I tend to think the majority of depressed people turn to food for comfort and more specifically foods that feel like a treat like sweets and junk foods. Me, when depressed then I don’t want to eat at all, food all tastes bland.

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@skfinkel And does the dark chocolate lift your mood?
@Neizvestnaya Thanks for your answer. @Sophief says the same thing about food tasting bland.

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