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You are what you eat.. so what are you made of today?

Asked by ninjacolin (14233points) April 27th, 2010

In trying to understand the expression “you are what you eat” I’ve settled on this: The quality of my current physical makeup (skin cells, hair cells, fat cells, muscle tissue, bones, blood, brain cells, everything) is the product of what I’ve fed myself in the past. I was thinking how it would be interesting to know exactly how much of my current self is made out of good foods (raw materials) and how much was made out of crap. Would also be interesting to compare my current self against someone who ate better foods and against someone who ate crappier foods.

So far today, I’m about 50% Coffee (with cream and sugar), 40% yogurt, and 10% trail mix. How about you?

In a few minutes I’ll be getting a sub for lunch. It will make up maybe 50% of my overall intake for the day. Will include lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, a few sauces.. I’m trying not to have bacon but it’s hard not to!

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Wheat, nuts, banana.

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15% Banana, 50% strawberries, 15% almond milk and 20% tea.

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Right now, I’m 100% Wheaties Fuel.

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Chef Boyardee Mac & Beef
Mountain Dew

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I am a sweet guy and that is in line with what i ate so far today: a Mars bar, apple pie, cream biscuits and chocolate cookies.

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@rebbel IM SO ENVIOUS! was the apple pie homemade?

today i am chalk full of macaroni and cheese and a smoothie. and 2 pieces of bread and butter. i need to go to the store ever so badly.

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A chicken vindaloo.

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Tuna fish and bread, I’ll be adding some fast food later today.

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I’m 20% iced capp from Tim Hortons and 80% bacon, egg, cheese bagel w/extra butter and breakfast sauce from mcdonalds. Wow. That’s disgusting.

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@ItalianPrincess1217 extra butter hahahahahahha

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Today I am : protein powder +soy milk+ acai berries+ blueberries+apples (40%) and mixed greens + tofu+beans+lemon+hempseed oil+3 tangerines + whole nuts (40%) and tons of water (20%). I expect to eat another meal post yoga.

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@deni Always extra butter ;)

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5% Honey Bunches, 85% lettuce, and the remaining 10% I am Nutella.

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@Tink1113 Shit were it up to me, I’d be 100% Nutella 24/7

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Celery, spinach dip. And ice cream cake.

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chilaquiles! and trail mix

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Marlboro Gold and cider :-)

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I eat it out of the jar with a spoon. :)

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I made a crustless quiche for lunch with ham, spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes.

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@ChazMaz ice cream cake you lucky bastard. mail me some.

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Blueberries, walnuts and vanilla yogurt, pb&j on rye and a few Sugar Babies for ballast.

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About 15% coffee with sugar and milk, 30% Multigrain Cheerios with milk, 15% water, 30% leftover pot roast with potatoes, carrots, onions, and gravy and 10% pineapple upside down cake thrown in for good measure. I have to stay sweet!

That took a long time because I am so bad at math. I might need more cake.

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@Tink1113 Spoon? Nah, I eat with my hand

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Raisin bran, coffee, grapefruit, carrot, peanut butter and jelly, water, and ice cream. In a few hours, I’ll be made up of mashed potatoes and turkey burger.

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ramen noodles and a bottle of water hehe

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Chicken soup, breaded fish, lettuce, tomato and broccoli.

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10% organic raspberries, 30% granola, 30% plain organic low fat yogurt, 10% Waimanalo banana, 10% Kahuku papaya. The numbers are pretty meangingless here though….I have no idea if I just made them up according to weight or volume or what, and the water content probably throws it all off. I had a bowl of granola with yogurt and raspberries, then a banana, and a large papaya. I am looking forward to a homemade bowl of “russian mushroom potato soup” with leeks, onion, carrot, celery, mushroom and potato of course, topped with a dollop of organic sour cream. yum!

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Sushi. Miso Soup. Coca-Cola. Chocolate chip cookies. And Guinness.

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Organic blueberries and blackberries, lo-fat cottage cheese, ground flax seed, oat bran, sliced almonds, cup of yellow pea soup and 8000 pistachio nuts.

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Eggs over easy two sausage links, an hash browns. oh and o.j

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Muffins, rice, fruit, yogurt and MUCH MUCH MORE!

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Last night I was fish tacos!!! MMMmmm!

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Nothing yet, but I’m about to be 100% chicken tortilla soup. Yum.

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Coffee, frosted mini-wheats, coffee, key lime pie light yogurt, coffee, tea…...and a taco salad is planned for dinner.

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Rice Milk
Spring Onion
Cereal Bar
Lots of Coffee – Decaf
a hideous peppery pork meal
M & Ms

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Chicken, a big robust cock to be precise.

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Well for breakfast I had a banana & some fruit & fibre cereal with skimmed milk & a coffee.. For lunch I had some minted lamb stew & a roll.. For my dinner tonight I had ham & egg pie with mashed potatoes & sweet corn with gravy & now I’m half way through a bottle of one of my favourite red wines,, WOLF BLASS, Yellow label, Cabernet Sauvignon…….. ;-)

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@Scooby one of my favourite wines!! and there aren’t many I would recognise by name

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20% Beef Jerky
40% Carnation Instant Breakfast
40% Mountain Dew

My work diet is so smug right?

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Pretty soon we’ll be having dinner, then I’ll add some grilled cheese, clam chowder, and fresh fruit to my makeup. Mmmmmmm!

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Cheers @lynneblundell ;-) it is a nice drop….....

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breakfast——bacon, eggs (4), gravy and biscuit, polish sausage, grits and whole milk

lunch—22 oz steak, bake potato and loads, salad with lots of ranch dressing, and a strawberry shortcake and loaded, tea!

and, dinner…½ pound of laxatives!

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Spag bol. And a salad. And some water.

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@beautifulbobby193 , so your a pussy today?lol

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tea, coffee, diet coke, fruit, special K bars, yogurt, eggs, etc…

I don’t have that much caffeine…

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Mahi Mahi, vegetables and whole grain bread.

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I haven’t eaten a single thing all day and I’ve been up since four thirty in the morning. It can’t be good, but I always do that. However, I’ve had coffee…so I guess I’m that.
The biggest of my percentage will be spaghetti and homemade sauce with garlic bread when I get home in a few hours though. Should be healthy enough lulz.

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Unfortunately, I think I’m 100% of everything I’ve had to eat the last 5 years, because I don’t get enough exercise to burn it off, so it just stays where it is.

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Lessee… Raisin Bran, some jellybread, hamsalamicheddar on wheat, and some rice cakes. And six ounces of soda.

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Bananas, peanuts, almonds, Kashi bar, coffee with half & half and sugar, pork stir fry, organic basmati rice, chicken breast, capers, ½ of a hot dog bun, asparagus, a piece of dark chocolate and 2 liters of water. All for only 1212 calories!

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Feijoas & Fresh Figs for breakfast

I’m now thinking about lunch possibilities….

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@BoBo1946 Wow, that’s a lot of food… :)

BoBo1946's avatar

@Adagio how did you like my dessert for dinner…½ pound of EX-LAX CHOCOLATE LAXATIVE! loll

Ludy's avatar

cereal, milk, coffe, McDonalds Mocha frappe, pizza, and about 15 lemon frezies, so I guess I’m made of junk!!!

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amatriciana pasta

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I am currently made of…

a few mouthfuls of lowfat milk
One cheeseburger happy meal, extra pickles, with a coke (no ice!).
Rotini with garlic-parmesan alfredo, sautéed vegetables, and broiled cod.
Orange juice
and a little bit of blueberry/blackberry/acai juice.

Soon to add

a triple-chololate-trinity ice cream sundae with maraschino cherries.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

Now I’m made of whole grain bread, broccoli cream soup with tofu and sweet potatoes, lots of curry powders and hot sauce.

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So far today I am mostly tea, with a sprinkling of bran flakes.

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Yogurt + apple + orange juice for breakfast
Banana + pudding + coffee for lunch

casheroo's avatar

a hot chick named Wendy’s.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

Now I’m made of vegan chocolate chip cookies…yums!

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One junk-food breakfast, one healthy lunch with lots of salad, and four mugs of decaffeinated coffee.

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Dim Sum brunch
Diet Pepsi
Vanilla pudding cup

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candy necklace

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Cheerios and coffee for breakfast.

Lunch: Fruit salad, Caesar salad, bread with herb butter, pasta primavera, grilled salmon, eggs benedict topped with lobster, a mimosa, and petits fours for dessert. Buffet at a nice restaurant after my grandfather-in-law’s memorial service, and in my defense I only a little bit of everything!

Dinner: A small romaine salad with red onions, feta cheese, dried cranberries, and candied pecans because I couldn’t even think of anything more after that insane lunch.

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I am a Turkey today.

Ludy's avatar

half a baggel with brown sugar ham and american chesse, orange juice and some strawberry flavored cream cheese, coffe, chocolate chip cookies, one frezzie, pizza rolls and I guess I’m made of junk today (again) :)

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Today, I’m made of chicken quesadilla with pico de gallo, red leaf lettuce, guacamole and lots of water.

Oh, and a glass of milk and two cookies.

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Having just spilled half a bowl of yam and peanut butter soup all over me, I am an orange mess.

slick44's avatar

@gailcalled… Yam and peanut butter soup? i have never heard of such a thing. is it good?

Ludy's avatar

what is yam??

aprilsimnel's avatar

It is a tuber vegetable: Yam

However, in the United States, people use the word “yam” when they mean ”sweet potato”. Now, knowing @gailcalled, if she said yam, she meant yam, dammit!

Scooby's avatar

Today!! Just black coffee! I’m too hung over to eat! :-/

philosopher's avatar

So far coffee.

gailcalled's avatar

@aprilsimnel: No, you are right. It was sweet potato. Either way, I coated my clothes with a thick and viscous orange substance. The part I got to eat was delicious.

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I don’t drink, ever, so yesterday i drank but didn’t feel anything, is it possible that imune to alcohol? so by the way, I’m just saying this cuz I had to add “drinks” to my menu from yesterday.

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margaritas. too many margaritas.

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I’m as sweet as can be. All I have had is a cinnamon roll and vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup.

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apples, butternut-squash, salad and some low fat mini cookies

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Cock, lots and lots of cock.

Seek's avatar


I’m eating chicken, too.

gailcalled's avatar

@Sophief: We do know that you love having sex with your b/f. Tell us something else about you, please.

Sophief's avatar

@gailcalled What would you like to know?

gailcalled's avatar

Anything that is not related to your b/f and your frolics in bed. Books you like, hobbies, job, family, favorite meals, pets, other people you care about, the thatched cottage in the English countryside.

Sophief's avatar

Would you like me to pm you the answers to those, it isn’t really to do with the question?

Sophief's avatar

@gailcalled Ok, but I am logging off now, so I will do it in the morning when I am next on.

gailcalled's avatar

At your pleasure, pet.

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I am made of NOTHING , I am so hungry!!!! thinking of eating a “torta chilanga”

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Tea, cinnamon & raisin bagel with low fat cream cheese, two mini tangerines, activia, and grapefruit juice!

nebule's avatar

Strawberry and banana smoothie, lots of coffee and a packet of hula hoops…:-/

Ludy's avatar

coffee and a donut so far, thinking of getting some chinesse food later, I know I know, so unhealthy

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Today, I am made of scrambled eggs and wheat toast, and soon will be made of Shiraz and hors d’oeuvres.

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Leftover lasagna and oatmeal cookies. yes, I ate the cookie dough too!

nebule's avatar

Just a strawberry and banana smoothie today, coffee, tea and water… I must get more creative!

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Salmon steak, broccoli and fruit salad

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Oatmeal, berries and coffee.

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