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How hard is healthy eating (for you)?

Asked by longgone (19509points) February 5th, 2014

I love whole-grain bread. I do. I also long for certain vegetables regularly – zucchini, broccoli, spinach, and some others.

Fruit, on the other hand, is quite difficult for me to eat. I need it to be pretty much perfect, and I’m also conscious of not buying any produce that has traveled for six months.

What about you? What’s easy? What’s hard?

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It’s very easy for me. I don’t tend to be hungry very often, and then I absolutely love fruits and veggies and legumes…I have no real craving for meat, but I do love cheese in certain dishes.

Overall I’d say its super easy to eat a healthy diet. I was never into buying junk food so that’s not an issue for me.

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I’m a naturally healthy eater. I mostly eat for quantity, but I also consider the healthiest option. I hate chips, candy, and soda.

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I generally refuse to eat shit. I will do it on occasion to be sociable, but rarely and minimally.

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I don’t eat meat, but otherwise it can be a battle. I no longer digest raw veggies well, and I love fixing dinner with prepared sauces and gravies. Convenience foods are so darned…convenient!

That said, I eat the healthier option when given the choice. Kettle Brand baked potato chips ar wonderful, and I can make a meal off of Annie Chung’s pre-cooked sticky rice.

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I find it easy. I don’t like processed food so I feel healthy due to the way I eat. I like to cook so I guess my only problem would be portion control. I’m not big on sweets either. Just recently (about a month ago) I gave up coffee and I can’t tell you how much better I feel.

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It isn’t hard. What’s hard is making myself get out of bed and excersize.

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Moderately difficult. I love to eat and I love tasty, fattening foods. The hardest thing for me is veggies – I just don’t have a taste for many of them. The easiest is probably fruit. If I get my mind set on eating healthy, I can do it with relative ease. I must have my cheat days, though.

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@AshLeigh Yes. I shall be heading to the gym. Tomorrow…

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the problem lies in running the gauntlet of temptation as entirely too many young people with high metabolisms and evil habits circulate through here with indifference. I arrived home this afternoon to confront a cakeplate of freshly baked nut loaded brownies. Within 15 minutes there’s a phone call from a 92 pound woman who wants to convert a gift of a flat of strawberries to ice cream and sherberts at OUR house while her and the wife and other formidable women gossip to jigsaw puzzles, Dalton Abbey and whatever. I’m expected to trot out with tea, cookies, cheese, fruit champagne for these women and girls who mysteriously never gain a pound. It’s disgraceful, and I’m reduced to an embarrassment to the universal brotherhood of husbands.

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Whole grain bread isn’t necessarily healthier for you. A simple research on gluten will tell you why. Don’t let anyone ever tell you gluten is harmless to your digestive system, the gluten used in todays foods far surpass the harshness of gluten used in the early 1900s

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I’m a vegetarian and I love to cook, so getting and enjoying healthy foods is pretty standard business for me.

I do, though, occasionally have, and indulge in my desires for nachos and onion rings.

To make up for that, like tonight, I made roasted balsamic carrots and sweet potatoes, and Danish red cabbage. I eat some kind of veggies every day.

I love cheese and tend to eat more of that than is necessary.

I like veggies more than fruit, but I try to make sure that I get both along with an assortment or whole grains and legumes. Beans are my friends. I could eat (and have done so for weeks at a time) eat bean and cheese burritos 7 days a week. Especially with good salsa.

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YUM! Bean and cheese burritos!

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I was happy to figure out that the overly ripe bananas and other fruit I used to throw away work great for smoothies.

Anytime you want more fruit or vegetables in your diet, just blend that stuff with juice. Ta da!

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I avoid gluten and dairy. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegtables. I do eat meat in moderation.

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I’ve been “eating healthy” for a bit over a year. The basic guideline is, “don’t eat anything that converts easily to sugar”, so, hardly any carbs, no sugar, no wheat no potatoes, no rice. I mostly avoid root vegetables. And I don’t eat fruits that are sweet.

I went about seven months with hardly any fruit at all, but in the last six months I have occasional berries, and about 3 apples a week.

My big snack is celery with almond butter, I get an almond butter that is fresh ground and has nothing else in it- no sugars, no oils. no stabilizers.

I do eat a lot of pistachios and almonds, both unsalted. And I have pretty much gotten off cow milk, I like unsweetened almond milk instead.

Turns out milk has a lot of sugar in it, all that lactose.

I do not avoid healthy fats: olive oil, grape seed oil, avocado, walnut oil. And I do eat protein: eggs, lean meats, fish.

From Christmas 2012 to mid September of last year, I cut myself down to about 1600 calories per day. Since then, I have been stable at about 1900 calories per day. I lost 60 pounds over the course of 9 months last year.

It isn’t hard for me because I realized I needed to make a complete lifestyle change in my diet so that I can be healthy and available for my kids.

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Not hard at all. I know they do, but I always wonder why people would choose to eat unhealthy.

Two things you need to do, but you should avoid doing as a form of recreation-eating and sleeping.

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@josie “I always wonder why people would choose to eat unhealthy.”

Because unhealthy food tastes good. You may not think so, but most people do. If they didn’t, weight wouldn’t be a problem for anyone.

I’d rather eat ice cream than chomp on a flavorless piece of celery any day. The only reason I eat healthy is because I don’t want to gain weight.

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Yup, @livelaughlove21, I think science has proven that humans are hardwired to crave the ‘unhealthy’. Pre-agriculture, feast meant gaining as much weight as possible in order to live through the oncoming famine.

It’s the nature of things…the bounty of fall followed by lean winter.

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I sometimes have trouble with eating healthy myself, mainly because of the whole “convenience” aspect, also because healthier foods can be much more expensive when your on a tight budget. However I have studied some about healthy eating and have learned quite a bit, a few tips from me, if you have trouble “liking” healthy foods then I would advice you to experiment with seasonings, lots of fresh herbs can do amazing things to add flavor, so don’t be afraid of seasonings! this can go for fruits as well, adding fresh mint leaves and lime juice to your fruit salad and refrigerate, yum! My absolute best advice is, it is my food bible when I need a recipe, you can post or try recipes, rate them, list your substitutions or additions of ingredients and everyone uses a star rating system so you can see which recipes have turned out the best. You can find “any” and I do mean “any” recipe on this site and by reading the postings you’ll find your perfect signature to the recipe. And yes they do have a special selection on healthy recipes and usually substitutions to make a not so healthy recipe a little healthier to fit your diet. It’s an awesome site!

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Now it is simple after I do eat clean train dirty way of life. But in the beginning it was a disaster. I wanted a dessert after every healthy meal. It was so plain and flavorless to me. But when you see yourself in the mirror – it is the best prize that you get for eating healthy, really.

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Sorry, @lillyhop, “Now it is simple after I do eat clean train dirty way of life.” doesn’t translate to standard English? Try again?

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