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Why do I sneeze when I pluck my eyebrows?

Asked by tinyfaery (41729points) April 27th, 2010

It happens every time. My nose gets all runny and I sneeze repeatedly.

What’s the connection?

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It has to do with how your facial nerves are wired. The facial nerves include the trigeminal, which has a branch that extends from the brow down into the tip of the nose. Sometimes, when plucking your eyebrows, that nerve is stimulated and it makes you have to sneeze. (via)

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How old are your tweezers? Have you tried cleaning them with some alcohol? It is certainly an odd cause and effect.

Aha. @MissAnthrope makes more sense than I do.

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I have a similar situation. If I scratch my side in a certain spot, a place on my chest itches. It’s always the same spot too.

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its called the tri geminal nerve

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@snowberry exact same situation. and there is this place on my back where if I scratch it, a place on my scalp tingles.

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I’m betting these are acupuncture points.

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hmm, well idk I’ve never had any acupuncture before.

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@WolfFang I don’t think that matters. I’m just guessing that’s where they are. Everyone has them, and there are many many such points all over the body.

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@snowberry You say everyone has them? oh for a second there I was thinking we had some rare condition

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Have you ever pushed on the pad between your thumb and your first finger to relieve a headache? That’s an acupuncture point. I’m not an expert, but I know a little bit.

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My husband sneezes like crazy when he pulls nose hairs. I get really watery eyes when I do my eyebrows..I hate plucking, I just get them waxed and let someone else do the plucking. obviously others answered better than I did haha

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@snowberry That point between pad and forefinger is LI6 (or Large Intestine 6) and is used for all upper body pain though having said that there are some contraindications with this point and I believe pregnancy is one of them. Also just for interests sake in Acupressure and acupuncture measurement is measured in ‘chun’ (or the width of the finger of the patient on their own body), so for example when i used to practice Chinese medicine and specifically Chinese massage I would have to ‘sight adjust’ if some one was noticeably smaller or larger than I. To do that i would often use LI 6 to get a good view of the patients hand first. Also on a warning note… Pushing this point to hard will just hurt more than help it needs to be pressed in between the fore finger and thumb until felt slightly not till the person winces in pain. As for whats causing the reactions, sneezes and so forth I have no Idea with out seeing somebody in person though yes there are litterally hundreds of points that run throughout the body and at almost every line (meridian) between points there is hundreds of micro points so yes It could be that, truth is could be something completely different to. Interesting though. :-)

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