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And there it is: the Fluther Questions-widget (with search!)

Asked by klaas4 (2186points) March 12th, 2008

Yay! I did it! I made a Fluther Questions-widget. It grabs the RSS-feed, and makes a list of it. I also included a search function, that, when you press enter, go to a Fluther Search-page.

You can download it here.
Please say you’re using it at


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wanna do one for windows or linux? =]

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I don’t know. Maybe if there is an app which ports Mac OS widgets to Windows.

Let’s start with Mac OSX first. It’s my main OS now. Sorry! :)

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its alright, i just want to be able to use it, good job tho, if it works how you explained it, i might steal my sister macbook and install it

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Congrats! I’ll have to give it try!

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i don’t know if you can do this, but is there a way you can make it a ”.kon” or ”.widget” file?

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The iusethis link doesn’t work. This one does:

@iceblu: Here. Don’t know if it’ll work.

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B.T.W. Xcode is great!

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@klaas4 thanks, but no go =\ im going to search how to do it, and if i find anything ill share it with everyone, cause i know alot more people how use windows more then mac…i will make this work =]

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Looks really nice klaas4. If I didn’t have to work like monkey because its the end of the fiscal year I’d have finished my little project by now. Ah well.

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Huge, but nice, it looks really good. I won’t use it on my PowerBook 12” that’s for sure!

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Update: refresh-time to 1 minute (instead of 15) and some minor adjustments to appearance.


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