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Why dont people google their questions first?

Asked by mirza (5057points) October 14th, 2007

Some of the questions on fluther (like this can be easily answered by searching for the question on google. But still people dont . WHY?

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Well that didn’t help.

I don’t know.

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These types of question are typically asked by new users who may be asking a question on Fluther for the first time. Their primary goal may not be to find the answer — although they may be curious — but rather to see how the site works.

I think we should be welcoming to these new users, answer their questions, and then politely direct their attention to the question guidelines, which ought to have more specific guidance on this matter.

Also, keep in mind that not everyone is as adept at constructing Google queries as you might be. For some users, asking the question in plain English and getting a human response is a preferable experience. If you find these questions annoying, I’d say it’s better to ignore them than to offer a chiding response that might turn off new members of the collective.

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@sferik: Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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Isn’t asking on Fluther more of a social attempt rather than a literary attempt, to find answers?

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if I can’t find it on the first two pages of a google search, this is usually where I come

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google isn’t really a very good research tool; it’s a good search tool. with out the “re-”.

fluther is for re-search… you ask a question here not to get just fact, fact is easy. you ask a question here to get fact plus opinion plus experience… to get knowledge rather than simply information.

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Hooray for all of you who perceive Fluther as I do—the only place I can go when others might think it is a stupid question!

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Also for the interplay and the playfulness.

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I think most people do not know how much easier searching Google can be (e.g. just typing your keywords into Firefox’s address bar).

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Google does not give answers. It lists links that may or may not relate to your question according to some very mysterious – sometimes effective, other times, not – algorithm. Fluther is an environment/community of people who give answers, which may or may not be helpful, but which constitute an attempt at human interaction. I like that.

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For each problem there may be many different solutions. Often people can be looking for varying opinions on the same subject mater.

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I prefer the human view on things. Not the robot view on things.`

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Why encourage newer users to stop using the site you just posted a question on yourself? People come here for the social element and the, possibly, unexpected answers they might get from human users instead of some article linked to from a Google search.

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Actually, I did, and that’s how I found this wonderful little community that I lurve! YAY!

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because i don’t give the right answer or it don’t give u an answer

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i use all sorts of methods to get answers to questions. but having found fluther recently, it’s now my first or second choice (depending on type of question). why? all of the reasons given above, plus a wealth of informed, helpful answers to just what i asked. not only that, i can learn stuff i would have asked had i known more. this happens less often on google. and so far, fluther’s answer rate is 100%. i’ve never seen the like of it!

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Some people have a Lurve addiction. They think there’s more chances to get that by making a new question that finding an existing one with answers in it.
Just trivial thinking :p

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