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Do you have a bath (or shower) ritual?

Asked by marinelife (62244points) April 29th, 2010

I was taking a shower this morning, and I started thinking about the fact that I always wash myself in the same way. I wash certain body parts in a certain order.

So, I was wondering, do you? Or is it random which part you wash first?

For example, I always shampoo my hair last (after washing my body) while my husband always washes his hair first.

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I think we all develop a routine for this. I sometimes wonder if we learned it from our parents or developed it on our own.

And by the way I start at the top and work my way down.

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First, I wet my hair, apply shampoo and give ‘er a good scrub. Rinse. Then, I wash again with shampoo (I tend to use a lot of product in my hair, so, I want it to be squeaky clean). Rinse. Then I rub in some conditioner. While the conditioner is in, I wash my face with a facial scrub. Then, I wash my bits and bobs and shave my legs, pits and nether regions. Then, I rinse out the conditioner.


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I always wash in the same order every time. The ritual has changed over the years to account for dry skin and scalp—the doctor suggested I shampoo less, and not use soap over all my body.

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I wash my body first, shave my legs and underarms, shampoo my hair, condition it, get out.

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I have the same routine, yes. I’m not going to go into detail, but I shower first, then shampoo & condition my hair.

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@jjmah I saw the question and thought how boring. Now I’m strangely turned on by your description.

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first shave right underarm than left, then lady parts. Washing is next.

wahing: right shoulder to arm, then left. then underside of right boob, then top of right boob, then repeat for left. then stomach, and crotch. Next my face moving from forehead to chin, then back of neck, then right side, then left, then front, being careful not to apply too much pressure for fear of jugular vein. then my right then left legs, then I shave my legs, left then right.

(I don’t wash my hair in the shower and wear a shower cap and it’s not necesary to wash african-american hair nearly as much)

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@marinelife I think it’s interesting that you ask a question related to water! I wash my hair first so that the conditioner can stay on while I attend to my other bits.

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There’s definitely a routine there, some variation within it but, by and large it follows a predictable course. Curiously, for no immediately apparent reason, I’ve started soaping my hair prior to washing the rest of me where as I took care of my hair at the end for year, not many months ago.

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Okay, How many other people are feeling a little reaction?

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@Adirondackwannabe LOLLLL.

I’ll think about this…I need to go get in the shower right now & get my day started.

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@Adirondackwannabe My clit isn’t throbbing yet I’m afraid.;-)

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I shampoo, put the conditioner on, and then wash / shave while the conditioner is in my hair. I figure thats a good thing to do, so it has more time to.. “condition”. Then I wash it out after I get all of the soap off of me :P

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I saw the question and thought how mundane, and then the answers.I wash my main man and the boys first, then up to the chest and armpits. Then the butt, wash off the hands and soap, and then the hair. Scrub the face, give the boys another little treat, then rinse and turn the water off, towel in the shower and then get out.

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@meagan same as my wife

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@sleepdoc Great minds ;)

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@Sophief TMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I like to dim the lights in the house, play smooth jazz, light candles in the bathroom, turn the ringer off my cell phone, fill the tub with hot water and bath oils, then I just soak for about 20 -30 minutes. I do this at least once a week. All the other days of the week, I take a quick shower.

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When I am done. I dry mt head and arms first. Shimmy the towel down my back.

Then I dry one leg and foot, now able to step out of the shower. Then the other leg and foot. Finally I use the unused (less used) portion of the towel to dry my no-no places.

I always do it that way. In that order.

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Absolutely.Right arm left arm, right leg left leg, strangely regimented. Oh & of course the gentleman’s vegetables are always washed & subsequently dried last of all,a lingering pleasurable process.Always leave the best till last.

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vegetables LOL

I like that.LOL

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As I tell my wife, vegetables are good for you.She has to nibble on her daily quota.No spitting get it down you ahhh.

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@jbfletcherfan Lions & tigers & bears…. ;¬¨}

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@ucme And to that, I say….woof! ’-)

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@jbfletcherfan Aww bless little Toto.Now he had doggy style.

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@ucme I’m so glad. I was worried about that. lol

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I’ve always done the same thing. Hair, face, then rest of body going from upper to lower, left to right. It works. :)

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Yes, I have a routine.

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I suppose everyone has their own routine. Enough said.

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I always stand under the water for about two minutes because it’s relaxing… My ritual is wet myself down, wash my hair, rince out shampoo and put in conditioner, leave conditioner in while washing my face, leave facial clenser on my face while I wash my body with my shower puff. chocolate covered cherry body was… yum! I wash my left arm, then my chest and belly, then my right arm, my back, my left leg then my right leg, my tooshie, then my feet. Finally, I rinse. Sometimes I’ll stand under the water for another two minutes to prepare myself to get out into the cold air.

Voilà! All clean. =]

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First, it penetrates my consciousness that I’m standing in the shower, so it must be time to wake up.

I shampoo, and leave it there as I wash my face. Then conditioner, and again leave it there as I wash my body. Still leaving the conditioner there I then shave my face, turning the water off as I do if it’s warm enough that day. Then I globally rinse everything off/out at once, and I’m done!

It’s actually an interesting question, just because I doubt many of us were “taught” how to take a shower, and we’re usually alone, so it’s an area of life where we each wind up improvising. Creativity in daily life! Not so many parts of life where there’s so little outside influence.

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Sure do. I first make sure I take off my clothes before entering the tub. Then I wash from head to toe. Rinse, and then grab a towel and towel dry in the tub before stepping out. Pretty much it.
Oh, unless I have to shave, then things just go crazy from there.

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@Snorkledorf Yes, that was why the question came to me. I was thinking about how I wash the same way every time, but that I was never taught to do that.

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I don’t have a routine. I seem to be an outlier here. When I first get in there, I just stand under the hot water for a few minutes, that’s the best feeling ever. Then I’ll just randomly do everything that needs to be done, but it’s not a set order.

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I wash my face first, then body (upper first, then lower) then I wash my hair, and I’m done. Oh and occasionally I brush my teeth in there too.

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I like to eat grapes in the shower.

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@ChazMaz Mmm. =] I’d like to be fed grapes while taking a bath.

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Yesssss! GA!

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I like to be fed pussy in the shower, but grapes would be ok in a pinch.

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