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How often do you shampoo your hair?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7420points) January 27th, 2009

I’ve listened to the song “Popular” by Nada Surf, and I remember hearing something in the lyrics about washing hair once a week…as if it were common for someone to wash their hair at least once a week.

And the other day when I was getting my hair cutt, the lady asked me if I was a daily washer. I was kind of confused by it, because I wash my hair daily and then thought to myself…why would anyone not want to wash their hair each time they shower?

If you do only wash your hair 1–3 times a week, what is the reasoning for it? Should I not wash my hair daily? Will it cause baldness, or any other sort of side effects? I for some reason want to think that women wash their hair less than men for some reason, but I’m not 100% sure.

Help me shed some light on this subject pleaaase =)

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Just about every day!

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My hair is wavy/curly, but fine and it’s very dry. If I washed my hair with shampoo every single day, it would be frizzy all the time. My hairdresser told me that I should wash it with shampoo once a week and use conditioner as shampoo 2 or 3 times a week and so far that works well.

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I have thick, curly hair and shower daily. I wash my hair with shampoo every other day, but use conditioner on it every day.

If I use shampoo every day it gets too dry and/or frizzy.

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My hair is long and fine so I wash everyday or it looks dirty.

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Every morning when I shower.

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every other day ussually

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i wash my hair every two weeks.

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At least once a day.

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At least every other day. I hate the smell and feel of ‘unclean’ hair!! My hairdresser says it’s not good to wash it daily. It’s something about shampoos being too harsh, I think.

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I wash once every 1 – 2 weeks. That doesn’t mean I don’t rinse it out under the hot shower – it means I don’t use shampoo all the time.

And really, you shouldn’t be shampooing your hair everyday or even every other day. The detergents in shampoos strip away all of the good oils naturally produced by you to protect your hair and scalp. If you need to get some of the extra grime out just lather up some soap suds off of the bar of soap.

Besides wrecking your hair there are all kinds of additives in shampoo will ill effects. Go to these couple websites:

This one allows you to type in the name of your shampoo and get details on what’s what:

This one lists common problems with commercial shampoo in general along with lists of the better ones and also homemade versions:

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If there’s shampoo there I generally use it. If there isn’t any I make note of it, and continue to make note of it every morning for several days or weeks, until either
a)I think of it sometime when I’m not in the shower, and can go downstairs and steal some from the downstairs shower (rare) or
b) someone else replaces it (also rare, because no one else uses the upstairs shower on a regular basis.)

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Yeah, I wash my hair every morning in the shower. I also shower in the evenings after I hit the gym.

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It is funny to read the difference with people with very curly hair. Curly hair tends to be very dry so we would all look, generally speaking, like cotton balls if we washed daily. I have medium length (past shoulders) thick very curly hair (although it is thinner as I age) and I wash it every three or four days, depending on the days and the amount of time I can spend “drying” it. I have recently heard more about just rinsing it and using conditioner between washes and I’m thinking about trying that.

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I wash it every other day. I alternate showers and baths, and washing hair in the bathtub is a pain.

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i wash my hair every day. it’s a part of me, so why not.

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Twice a week. Typically African and Asian people do not shampoo their hair daily. I have thick hair that sheds a lot, and shampooing it everyday will do more harm than good. It really depends on the climate of where you live. I used to shampoo once a week, then I moved to a different climate, and I’ve determined that twice a week works best. So how does one figure out their optimal #? Well, easy, shampoo your hair, then wait till it starts turning greasy, note the amount of days it took, and then shampoo on the morning of the day it starts turning bad. I know different geographies have something to do with the number, but I also think people should treat their hair/body on an individual basis.

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I shower, shave, and wash my hair every other day. If I do these three daily, my skin gets dry (even with moisturizer), I cut my face, and my (curly) hair will dry out and get frizzy.

So, on alternate days I wash with a face cloth at the sink, skip shaving, and rinse my head in hot water.

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I shampoo when it gets greasy, which is usually every 4 to 5 days. Like a lot of you are mentioning, my hair is also very thick and wavy and would otherwise be frizzy!

So when I shower and don’t wash the hair, I put it in a shower cap. Yep, I look like a granny!

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I wash my hair usually every 1–3 days during the winter. For the last 8–9 years I shave my head with no guard between March to October every weekend. When it cools down in the fall I quit shaving my head and grow it out along with a beard. I can’t wait for March to shear my locks and quit the shampoo.

P.S. I hate the word shampoo. Putting poo in my hair turns me off.

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At the most every other day. Like cprevite, I don’t even shower every day. I have extremely sensitive skin, and dry, wavy hair. If I washed everything everyday, I’d be one big hive, with a bushy ‘do. Note that water gives me hives, so not even using soap for sensitive skin (which I do) helps!

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I have soft curls and my hair is on the finer side so I have to wash my hair everyday. The tighter the curl the less frequent you should shampoo. The reason people don’t wash their hair every day is because of oil production and the oil needs of individual hair types. If you’re constantly stripping the oil away you’ll dry out and damage the hair. As a general rule of thumb you should wash your hair as often as necessary to keep it from looking noticeably dirty, and no more than that.

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I have really reaaaaallly thick hair, and even shorter than my shoulders, it takes more than 12 hours to fully dry. I don’t bother to blow-dry it because I’ve never accomplished fully drying it with a hairdryer, there’s just so much of it. I wash my hair every other day or every 3rd day if I can get away with it because it’s such a hassle, and plus it’s coldddddddd walking around with wet hair all the time.

I do shower (almost) everyday, I just don’t wash my hair everytime.

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I wash my hair anything between once a week in the winter to 10 times a day in the summer, depending mainly on how much I sweat. In the summer I spend most of the day under the shower to keep cool basically. But in winter if I have a hot bath, I might not wash my hair.

People who don’t wash their hair everytime they have a shower (mainly women with long hair) do so to protect it. Just like clothes, you want hair to be nice and clean, but at the same time you strain it by washing, and lose some in the process.

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My hair is fine and wavy. I shampoo every day or every other day. Once, at a hair salon, someone recommended that I not shampoo so often and that I sometimes just wash my hair with water. Once in a while, I try that.

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I have long, thick (but very fine, individual strands) and I generally wash my hair daily, because my hair gets oily easily.

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You really should NOT wash every day.

Your hair gets greasy because when you shampoo every day, you strip your hair of important oils. And your glands overcompensate, so there’s more grease than there’d usually be when you forget to wash.

Really. Daily shampoo/conditioning is BAD.

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I’ve switched since asking this question… I wash now probably 2 times a week, and condition every day.

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Every day

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Personally I wash my hair everyday (everytime I shower). I’d feel completely gross if I didn’t. But I know some people that say everyday shampooing dries their hair out. So I guess it depends on your hair type.

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I too have long thick curly hair. And until about 6 months ago, I washed it every day. Now, I might use shampoo once a month. Instead, I condition it every day. My hair has never ever looked better.

My hairdresser told me to condition it every day or every other day and to stop washing it all together. My scalp feels better, my hair feels softer, it takes a LOT LESS TIME!

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You should only wash your hair when it really needs to be washed. If you wash it daily you are getting rid of oils that the hair and scalp needs and it will dry out.
My hair is short and I wash it twice a week.

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When I had medium-short hair, I’d feel utterly gross if I hadn’t washed it earlier that day. When I get it cut shorter, I don’t get that feeling of grossness so much, but since it’s so short it’s totally easy to wash, so I still do it every day.

Back when I had a pony tail for a few years I carried over my daily washing habit, but when I complained what a pain this had become to a female friend, she was surprised that I was washing it every day and advised skipping days. This flipped me out (What? Girls sometimes don’t wash their hair?!), and altogether seemed to be a rather unacceptable hygiene compromise… Whatever the reason, I wound up cutting my hair short again before too long.

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I wash my short short hair everday to make it stay straight.
I just do not feel clean if I wash my body and not my hair.
When you live on a farm you cannot step outside w/out getting
pretty dirty! I know it isn’t good for my hair but if I don’t wash
it I get a little anxious because I know my hair doesn’t look good.

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