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Why, when I click on add yourself to fluther does it divert me to a wiki page on Narcissism?

Asked by bongo (4297points) April 30th, 2010

When I click on the + add yourself to fluther button when on my profile thing does it divert me to the wiki definition for Narcissism? im very new to fluther and dont get why it does that. Its it just my laptop or is fluther just trying to tell me that I am narcissistic?!

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ok thats ok then, My laptop has a mind of its own at the best of times. it has been known to decide to open programmes without me clicking on them (no i dont have a virus). Needed to make sure that was supposed to happen rather than me having problems with this stupid machine

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It’s a little joke.

Welcome to Fluther, Bongo!

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Welcome to Fluther! Most of us got sucked in by this little practical joke as newbies. :^)

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What ever you do, DO NOT try to add yourself as a friend!

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@bongo If you don’t get the joke, you might not enjoy fluther.

@Cruiser In the briar patch with you!! hehehe

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It is a joke. Pretty funny huh?

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I have never clicked on it… maybe this warrants a thread… so who tried it?

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Very funny, I was concerned that mylaptop had started doing things without me telling it to again and I would have to get it fixed. Definately prefer fluther calling me narcissistic rather than my laptop gone mad. This machine has chrashed over 8 times in the past hour. I wouldnt put anything past it being as I have had problems with it doing its own thing before.

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I only happens for those it applies ;) ...Welcome to fluther, where the narcissists like to come and play.

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Reminds me of this scene from Family Guy.

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You are what you click.
Now can someone tell me where I can get humming bird milk?

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@ChazMaz I am what I click? I just clicked on your name, does that make me you?

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That’s funny!

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No, I think I am you. ;-)

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Because its funny.

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Humor is part of Fluther’s charm. That’s just how we roll. ;)

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It’s a joke, Fluther style.

I didn’t think it was funny though, because in my case it’s true. To this day I keep trying to add myself to my Fluther. Maybe if you do it enough times you can get an award, or unlock a secret character in Harry Potter.

’‘Proceeds to love self.*

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@Symbeline – I think you will eventually get what you want. Keep up the good work. :-)

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I must admit, the pleasant phrases that keep appearing in the right hand corner of the screen are not helping the cause… ;)

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