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Is it a fashion faux pas to wear a lilac colored shirt and green plaid boxers?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36597points) April 30th, 2010

Enough of this heavy shit. Had to take a leak and noticed the color clash. Should your underwear not clash with your outerwear? How do you feel if you’re not totally fashionable.

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You look good to your woman, she bought you the shirt! That is what matters, not want strangers think. Green plaid boxers! Anyway, like I said, it’s what your s/o thinks.

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Wait Im lost….are you a guy wearing a lilac shirt or a girl wearing boxer shorts?lol

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As long as your tie matches the boxers you are good to go!

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I pee standing up.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@Cruiser Green plaid tie with lilac shirt?(I’m going to catch shit for this) The gay police would beat me up.

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today’s world, you are good to go!

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Red crotchless panties would be much hotter.

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@escapedone7 Okay, now I’m confused on fashion, but horny.

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I feel great and am never fashionable, since I no longer have any idea what that means. Growing up, we had our mother who told us what “they” said to wear.

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Yo, sounds like what a pimp playing golf would wear.

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Ignoring the question title and reading the details…
No..I don’t think they have to match outerwear.
My underwear never match my bras… so I have no desire to make them match my outerwear.

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What if he feels like a green plaid guy? I say our underwear can be a statement!

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What a visual! LOL….But if they aren’t showing together, sure, why not? Who cares what color your boxers are?

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@Adirondackwannabe I went to breakfast at an IHOP yesterday and I swear the Mgr wore the same combo! It was “stunning” to say the least! :O lol!

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@Cruiser Good to know I’m on the cutting edge of fashion then.
@jbfletcherfan Does the term lowrider sound familar?
@rangerr My bras never match either.

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I dress to please myself, and am known for my eclectic ‘fashion.’ lol

Do what makes you feel good…to hell with the opinions of others.

Be BOLD..have confidence and dress to reflect your colorful inner self. ;-)

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@Adirondackwannabe Well, yeah, that WOULD throw a different light on things. Literally. ;-)

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Actually what I am picturing with the green plaid shorts and lilac shirt…a little rastafarian theme…I see dredlocks!

I love hippie guys with color and dreds..of course I am too old to go for those darling young dudes now…well….it’s a choice…but oh man..I saw the most beautiful hippie kid in the Taipei airport while traveling last month…blonde dreds down to his gorgeous behind…* swoon.* lol

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@Coloma I’m picturing those shorts, that shirt, and me in my new career: porn star. I just don’t have a name yet that ties scottish and lilac together.

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The Lilac Highlander?

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@wilma I like it. My new career awaits. Watch the tabloids. Jesse James, move over.

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Mmmmm…..change those shorts into a kilt would ya, oh god…gotta go, have an appointment..sheesh….nice little driving fantasy, men in kilts….ooooooooooh babaaaay! lol

Nice visual on the bagpipes…

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Why would that matter? Unless you’re going to take off your pants when you get home from work, but leave the shirt on, and walk around for a long time like that.

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How about plaid assless chaps?

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And I thought I had a screw loose today.

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Then, suppose you accidentally wore undershorts of a plaid that clashed with the chaps? Boy would you be the belle of the ball then.

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