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why did America change to the liter system insted of cubic inches?

Asked by dopelope (20points) March 12th, 2008 from iPhone
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liters vs gallons

cubic inches vs cubic centimeters or cubic millimeters

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America didn’t change to the metric system. Soda is sold in liters; milk and gasoline are sold in gallons; and water is sold in gallons and liters depending on whether you buy it like milk or like soda.

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last time I let other peeps use my iPhone to ask questions! Sorry.

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Who is the dope here?

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I think @MrKnowItAll caught the gist of it… this is an automotive question. American car manufacturers used to advertise engine displacement in cubic inches… like 302 cu. in. from the old days, 5.0L today (don’t quote me on that conversion ;-).

I also find the question interesting.

Any one with insight into this?

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Well, of course, someone has taken a swipe at it on Wikipedia.

The Why would apparently just be the gradual migration to metric units more and more in industry.

With the prominent rise of re-usable manufacturing and global automotive platforms, makes sense.

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