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Do you regret?

Asked by Kismet (718points) May 1st, 2010

I often used to consider myself someone who “never regrets”. It wasn’t until more recently that I started thinking back on my past actions and thinking otherwise.
I understand that I can’t go back and change what I did, and that if anything I could learn from my mistakes. But there really are some things in my life, that even learning from them, I still wish I had never done.

How about yourself? Are you a person who “never regrets”? Or do you regret a lot of things you have done in your life? What are your feelings and opinions on regret?

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right now, I regret several things, all connected, all within the last year… and I regret them more deeply than I have words for. That’s all I’m going to say before I get weepy again.

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@poofandmook I apologize for bringing up painful memories. :( I hope that you can recover from them. Thank you for answer my question.

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@Kismet: I wish I could say they were memories. It’s something I’m going through now. And don’t apologize… I could have skipped over the question.

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I used to regret… Now I just ponder what if

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I have no regrets regarding how I handled the major decisions with which I’ve been faced in my life. I think all we can do is make the best decisions we can and never look back. Some say regret is a waste of time.

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It’s tough not to regret, it really is. I definitely have regrets. I regret making fun of this kid in sixth grade when I should’ve gone against the grain (my friends) and sat with him at lunch. I regret another time in high school when I ceased my friendship with someone because it wasn’t necessarily “cool”. I should’ve told my friends to fuck off.

I don’t really regret the lessons learned, like dating certain people just because it ended badly. I don’t regret moving around a lot because I believe those situations made me who I am.

So, while I’d love to be able to say “no regrets”, I cannot.

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Not having regrets doesn’t mean you can’t learn from something that happened in the past. I don’t have any regrets but I know I’ve made some mistakes.

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Once upon a time I had regrets. It began to eat away at me. Then I decided I did my best, coped with the situation(s) as best I could, and have now moved on.
So now I don’t have any regrets. I know I made the right decision(s) at the time.

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In a way but not really. The most I regret is not having met my current partner a decade ago, before we’d both been so beat up. Thing is, we probably wouldn’t have given one another the time of day back then. I’m very appreciative for all I have now though, age aside.

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No. Being a psychopath means never having to say you’re sorry.

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I have regrets, but I’ll not weep over them, I use these as reflection, rather than to tarnish them with some philosophy which denotes complete inevitability.

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I regret many things I’ve done and I regret just as many things I haven’t done. In fact, the ones that got away are the ones I regret most.

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