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Can we list 1000 human senses?

Asked by astrojams1 (149points) May 2nd, 2010

i’ll start:

1— email inbox.
i have a sense of how many unread emails are sitting in my inbox.

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2. Modding. I have a sense of what questions will get modded.

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3. Agreeing. With bob.

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4. When a kiss is going to happen

I can sense if I will kiss someone on the day it happens, hours before it happens.

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Sense of impending doom.

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@IBERnineD Is that sensing it or deciding it? Most people can judge if there is any chemistry within seconds, but it takes a bit longer to reach the appropriate moment to act on it.

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I can sense when someone is going to change lanes and cut me off even though they refuse to turn on their signal.

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I can sense that this question will not reach the 1000 mark and will be lost among the day olds and orphans.

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8. I can sense which of my dreams contain truth (either of prophecy, or something I hadn’t consciously noticed that I better pay attention to)

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I haven’t had any cents since I lost my sense of motivation and stopped working.

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9. My watch.
I have a sense of the precise time and date.

10. My compass.
I have a sense of which way is north.

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11. I sense the short term future of no more than 3 days in advance, and only for my life, through foretelling self induced dream states.

i knew i was going to say that

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of time

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13. I can sense when the phone rings that it’s my son asking for help.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Can you foretell what you will be dreaming in two nights time? Or what you will be foretelling in three days time? Then you could extend your knowledge of the future quite dramatically.

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14. Skepticism.
I can sense to some extent whether people have rationally deduced their assertions or they have just let their imagination walk away with them.

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15. I like to think I have common sense.

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I see dead people ;¬}

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16. Rain. I can feel the change in air pressure, and smell rain in the air, before it happens.

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17. Dread. I dread visits, emails or phone calls from my mother-in-law.

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18. I like to think that I have a keen sense of humor.

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19. tactile
I have a sense of things against my skin.

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Oh, right. Let’s not forget the obvious ones.

20. Sight.
21. Hearing.
22. Smell.
23. Taste.

And then there’s…

24. Temperature perception.
25. Pain.
26. Itch.
27. Appetite. (You can feel when you need food.)
28. Thirst. (You can feel when you need to drink something.

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@FireMadeFlesh no i can’t foretell what i’m going to foretell. but i have worked out a process that induces them every time. it comes at the very end of a sleep phase and when i awaken it must be concentrated on and remembered vividly. the visions fade quickly.

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My skeptic sense is tingling.

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29. Although I do not have this power, I’ve noticed that many other people are capable of telling when I’m looking at them. It’s very odd actually, as sometimes I’m looking at them with a 900mm lens and there is no possible way they could know, but hell if I don’t have photos of them turning around suddenly and staring straight into the camera. It fascinates me to no end.

@Fyrius yes i’m sure. i cannot explain it, and i cannot deny it either.

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30. @Fyrius has a skeptic sense.

30. Spidey sense? (number reset)

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31. I also sense when the women in my family will die, or have died. Three grandmothers and counting… all visit me at the point of death… before anyone else knows about it.

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Wait a minute, my skeptic sense was already listed as number 14.

“yes i’m sure. i cannot explain it, and i cannot deny it either.”
Fair enough. Let’s not go into it now.

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Hang on, three grandmothers?
Did you have lesbian grandparents?

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Two grandmothers, and one great grandmother

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32. The answers presented in @Qingu’s question HERE give me reason to ponder if synaesthasia is an extra human sense.

it seems beneficial

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33. What shall we call the musical genius sense of a child who somehow knows how to play piano without ever taking a lesson?

34. What shall we call the mathematical genius sense of those who visualize enormous equations in their minds?

35. What shall we call the ability of some individuals to never forget anything in their entire lives?

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36. I sense when my dogs want feeding… dragging their bowls around the kitchen… and those puppy eyes staring at me.

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35. I sense we are going backwards.

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@FireMadeFlesh I can sense that an appropriate moment will happen

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36. I can sense when my kids are up to something.

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37. Sense of knowing you are beat
I have a sense in poker when I have got myself into a situation and sense I need to fold because I feel that the other player has me beat
38. Sense of stupidity
Of calling any way despite the sense of knowing you are beat.

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41 – Sense that the person who’s friend request you just accepted is not who they say they are. (there are two 35 and 36s)

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Sense of urgency
Sense of rhythm 
Sense of wonder
Sense of community
Sense of doom

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I think @slick44‘s “nonsense” should be the official sense number 42, in dedication to Douglas Adams.
And then there is:

43. The sarcasm detector.

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Let’s face it, humans just aren’t deep enough to have 1000 senses. It’s a biological thing.
We have 5. The rest are just inventions of the mind.

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Also missed a few basic ones:

44. Sense of balance
45. Sense of proprioception (knowing the location of your limbs in space, even when you cannot see them)

@Captain_Fantasy These ones are generally counted as widely accepted senses.

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We know that.

Well, for what it’s worth, I think that even literally and biologically speaking, the usual division into five sense is all wrong. If I’m not mistaken, that would be:
1. Sight
2. Hearing
3. Smell
4. Taste
5. Touch

But 3 and 4 are actually the same thing (the sense of aroma), not to even mention that sweet and sour and salty are tasted with the tongue and every other nuance in taste is perceived with the nose. (Does that make them two separate senses?)
Furthermore it leaves out a number of things, as I mentioned above. To repeat, I’d rewrite the list as follows:

1. Sight.
2. Hearing.
3. Aroma.
4. Pressure. (Including roughness/smoothness and such, which I think is a more sophisticated use of the same hardware.)
5. Temperature.
6. Pain.
7. Itch.
8. Hunger.
9. Thirst.
10. Balance.

And I’m still not sure if those are all of them.
Thanks to @Ame_Evil for reminding me of number 10, which I would have left out otherwise.

The word you were looking for is “proprioception”, by the way. (I’m not including it in the above list because it’s more a mental faculty than a sense proper. But for the context of this thread, where the OP herself is including e-mail, I don’t see why not.)

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and proprioception is part of the vestibular system. So, I say vestibular sense.

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Is it?
Aren’t you confused with equilibrioception?

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I wasn’t clear. I meant in the sense that they are often talked about to together when speaking of sensory input. For example,:

I think we should add equilibrioception to the list.

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Conscious memories.
Unconscious memories (often take part in what we call intuition).

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I’m giving Matt #47 & #48…

#49 – Perspective
Apparently, a sense of perspective was discovered as a concept in the 15th century. Before that, people didn’t necessarily understand the concept that from their perspective, the lines of a structure were larger when closer, and smaller when further away. I believe Raphael introduced the concept of perspective and depth to the art world in the 1400’s

#50 – Silent Reading
Apparently, Saint Augustine (4th century) was the only man in Europe who could read silently. As I understand it, he would prove his holiness by having his peers open holy script, let him view it, and then listen in amazement as he conveyed what the text communicated. Before Saint Augustine, all reading was performed aloud, and it was inconceivable that knowledge from reading could be accomplished silently.

Both of these senses seem trivial to our age. But they were not qualities built in to humans from the beginning. They needed to be awakened and developed, and they were considered to be extremely advanced concepts of the times.

only 950 senses left to go!

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#51 A sense of impending doom. Like bad chinese food.

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949 to go. This will be a long thread.

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52. Sense of self worth (aka status.) It’s dynamic and shifts depending on context and the sense of others’ worth.
53. Sense of others’ status
54. Sense of feeling in place or out of place (social comfort?)

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Let’s speed this up a bit.

55. Scents.
56. Incense.
57. Absence.
58. Presence.
59. Essence.
60. Consensus.

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61. I have a sense of someone looking at me. ughhh

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@Fyrius You’re right about the taste sense vs salty/sweet. I have a cold right now that’s left me unable to taste, but I’m still able to sense whether something is sweet or salty.

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