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Manchester University, any information/experiences on the city?

Asked by TheOnlyException (2182points) May 2nd, 2010

I am seriously thinking about applying to Manchester University to do medicine next year. I have heard good things about the surrounding city from teachers and friends, but I am worried I will see it differently to them. I won’t get a chance to visit the place until very close to my application is supposed to be handed in, so I am doing all the research I can to find out more about it.

I live in London and I adore it, I like the elegance and shoddiness all at once, everything from Oxford St to the little artsy fartsy cafes on my road, I cannot explain it but I have been here my whole life and am unwilling to leave, but at the same time I want to take the risk and go live somewhere new.

What is Manchester like? The area around Man. Uni specifically? Comparisons to London if you are able to make any?

What about racial/ethnic diversity/acceptance (very big factor for me), shopping, entertainment, culture, arts, public transport, parks, are there a lot of trees, dog shit on the floor..? ahah I don’t know, anything and everything you could tell me would be fantastic!

Medicine is going to be rough as it is, I just want to make sure living in an entirely different place isn’t too stressful either.

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A close friend’s son went to MU and my nephew is now there. Both were very happy with the uni and loved living in Manchester. Apparently, it’s a great city to be young in right now.

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@janbb well that’s certainly good to hear :)

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I live in Manchester and would never consider living anywhere else in the Uk. The city is vibrant and the mix of old and new work really well together. The variety of nightlife is fantastic, and there are lots of green areas and great parks. There are museums and gallerys aplenty and the music scene is simply fantastic. If you like football, there are lots of great local football teams, and the transport links are very good with the Metrolink and bus services offering easy access to everything. My daughter is currently studying there and thinks that it’s superb.

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I agree entirely with @OreetCocker , great city, great people and a good mix of nationalities

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I went to the RNCM in Manchester for a couple of years and lived in Chorlton, which was fine…nice enough. The city is great if you’re a city bird but I much prefer the country. It’s very diverse as @OreetCocker said it has pretty much everything!

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@Oreetcooker the Metrolink? Is that like the tube in London? You certainly make it sound appealing :)

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@TheOnlyException. It is, except it doesn’t go underground (unless you count long tunnels:-)). Its a light railway that links some of the outlying towns to the city and all the railway stations. It’s very handy and it runs every 6 mins in peak and every 12 mins off peak.

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I moved to Manchester in 1987 (from Lincoln) and loved it. 23 years later I’m still here and still love it. I’ve never lived in London so I can’t really compare, although it may be telling that I’ve visited London often, and I feel that I would be happy living there too.

Some good points about Manchester – good public transport system, plenty to do, cost of living is low. It’s a city with a definite buzz, and I can only reccommend it.

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Ok, I’ll try and tell you about that area and what’s nearby. A part of the university backs onto a motorway Im sure? And that’s in a perfect place really. On one end in ‘Town’ as we call it which is basically a shopping place, indoor and outdoor – it’s huge and consists of all shops you’ll need. But if you head on he opposite direction is Old Trafford which can be great days out along with the buildig where Key 103 is recorded or whatever. And the Hilton hotel if you fancy some drinks or might be interested in the gym. And lastly is The Trafford Center which is maybe 8miles past Old Trafford. You should google this place. It’s a huge indoor ‘mall’. With a cinema, bowling, laser quest and all sorts.

I could only tell you what’s near you really, as I don’t live in the actual city and dot know about the people near MU. I’m sure someone you meet in uni will show you all these attractions so don’t worry about finding them!

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@ConfusedKid very helpful answer, thank you :) I looked up the Trafford Centre, it looks brilliant! I am sure I will be shown around in time when I get there, but I still want to get an idea of what life would be like there. I guess I need to get rid of this stigma I have that anywhere outside of London is rural and slow, when really there are a thousand more places as busy and lovely as London, if not more so. Thanks again

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@OreetCocker oh okay, kind of like the London Overground service. Do they have a tube service as extensive as London’s? if you know? :)

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@downtide 23 years?? wow. You must really love it. I suppose if you feel like you would be happy in London having visited here a number of times, it must have some aspects that you like in a city, aspects that are similar to Manchester.
Thanks for your answer :)

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@TheOnlyException. No tube service I’m afraid. The metrolink does however link all the central railway stations and bus depots which makes it really easy to hop from one to the other.

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Here are two websites you might like to look at. They give you a good idea of what the city is like for shopping, night life, transport etc. It is a lovely and vibrant place to be, and the university is right in the centre. Oh and very friendly people. Have you looked up the Manchester univeristy website?

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@OreetCocker no tube service at all? wow that’ll take a bit of getting used to
suppose it is a blessing in a way. People at rush hour shoving me down flights of stairs bothers me for some reason 0_o haha
I prefer buses and other overground means of transport anyhow
What are their main hub stations, like we have London Victoria and London Bridge in well..London

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@partyparty ooh! thanks for those :)

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@TheOnlyException Its certainly a bit less frenzied at rush hour :-). The 2 main stations in the centre are Piccadilly and Victoria. There are lots of smaller surrounding stations within walking distance if these such as Oxford Road, Deansgate and Salford Central.They are all easy to get to and can be accessed by bus. The main bus depots are at Piccadilly, Chorlton St and Shudehill. The Metrolink links, or passes pretty near to most of them.

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@OreetCocker ah, similar names to the ones in London, should feel right at home ;) thanks for all your help!

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