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What features would your dream mobile device include?

Asked by zepoman (159points) March 12th, 2008
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A Chick Magnet!

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coffee maker/pillow/electric razor/beer opener.

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see-through-her-clothes camera? Yes, ladies, I will be getting the misogyphone.

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A COMPUTER phone, so it can already do pretty much everything.

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@fortris: I believe that’s what the iPhone is.

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@omfg… No, it cannot run ANY computer applications. Also, WE DON’T EVEN HAVE NATIVE APPS YET! I rest my case.

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I I forgot one…... A gun“iGun”

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The iPhone is great and all, but what features would make it even cooler? GPS? Better camera? Live video calling? What might the ultimate mobile device be like 10 years from now? Use your imagination. Teleporting device, hologram display, personal genome sequencer…......

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How abouta frickin camcorder?

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in 10years we will still be wating for updates

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Me as a girl I would have pretty moody light in colors on the cover. :]

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an iphone.

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-Large screen
-Touch screen
-Picture editor
-PDF editor
-Bluetooth (send/recive)
-Word/Excel editor
-Power Point
-To Do List with alarm
-Calendar with alarm
-Windows Media/Real player (live stream)

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I thought iPhone did have gps? Isn’t that the circle thing in bottom left in the maps app?

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I just recent went phone shopping, and I was amazed that I was able to find exactly what I wanted in a cell phone (not quite the question asked):

- Makes phone calls
– Is 1/4” thick x 1.5” wide so it goes in a jeans pocket comfortably
– Has bluetooth so I can sync contacts with my computer, or use it for data if need be
– Doesn’t have any other features… you make calls with it, type text messages, check voice mail. Do I need my cell phone to do more?

For mobile computing? iPhone would do just about everything I think I would need while wandering around. I don’t need to edit word documents or photos or power point while sitting on the bus, I can do that with my laptop far better. I’m also not sure what the complaining about the “run any app” thing is—because as soon as they let you do that you’re going to be complaining that it crashes all the time… =)

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@ topserb96 : Maps in iPhone are NOTHING alike GPS.For Maps You need WiFi and Network coverage,for GPS You need only Satellite coverage (min 3).

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Good answers so far but how about making it a TV remote control also.

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For me, the ultimate answer lies in software; by which I mean that calling and being called by people (that’s after all what a phone amounts to) is really a function of intelligent software at the network and intuitive design on the device. I don’t need to screen my own calls, switch ringers on and off, take notes etc. If my office calls to confirm my trip to hong kong then the ‘phone’ should be able to let them know the dates I’ve pencilled into my diary, and that my line manager emailed to say that I might have to be back by the 7th. It should know who I want to see me on video and when/where, and it should remember relevant details of conversations that I’ve had via voice, mail and IM. None of this is ‘new’, but we’re still waiting for it all to hang together properly.

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Dream phone? Like something you’d read in a William Gibson or Cory Doctorow novel. But those are probably ten years in the future.

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ever seen irobot? will smith eats at a diner, and to pay, he swipes some sort of small handheld device (cell-phone-sized) over a scanner, and his bill is paid.

my ideal device would be the iphone plus gps, camcorder, usable productivity apps, AND remote keyless entry to my house and car, as well as will smith’s instant-scan technology to pay for things with credit or debit. it would have to have major security features – the ability to disable it remotely if you lose it, and maybe a thumbprint scanner for ID security.

i’m sure you can think of more necessary features i’ve left out…

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