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What would you do if you had to give up your computer, cell phone, iPod, or other electronics?

Asked by essieness (7698points) March 25th, 2009

This question was inspired by the one about sociological vs technological progression.

My point is, we’ve become so dependent on these electronic devices, can we imagine life without them? My daily morning routine involves grabbing my coffee, then on to Fluthering, Facebooking, emailing, attending class online… Now that I have an iPhone, it’s worse. I text excessively and use it to listen to podcasts (my main source for news).

Can you imagine your life without your electronics? What would be your reaction if they were suddenly taken away from you?

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I would play guitar and write songs.

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I am an older person—so old that I remember life before the World Wide Web—and I think I would be able to function as long as everyone else was in the same boat. if I was the only one giving up these tools I’d go crazy insane berserk.

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Guess what? There was life before all those things. People managed just fine.

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I would move out into the woods, build stuff, live off the land and stockpile guns.

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Spend more time with my family.

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Paint to my heart’s content. However it would make selling the work a bit more challenging as most of my collectors are internet based.

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I would probably get more work done (no distractions like Fluther, Facebook, Twitter), but I would work more slowly without a computer. I’d probably spend more time with my kids and they with me. I would be forced to relate to people face-to-face more instead of just emailing them or dialoging about important issues with complete strangers (I love Fluther, but I do find it odd that I’m willing to say things here that I won’t with people I know!) I’d avoid a lot of frustration: losing games on my Nintendo, crashing computers, etc. And I’d save LOTS of money because I spend all my money on electronic gadgets.

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I imagine I’d live, but I would need a while to get used to being without them. Computers and related electronics seem like they grew up with me. I would probably read at the coffee shop a lot more.

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I would learn film photography instead of digital. And spend more time with family. And I’m sure have healthier relationships all around.

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I refused to have either computer or celly until the 00’s, I made it just fine but I do enjoy the perks and conveniences of tech toys now.

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Giving up my cell phone would be bliss, I could care less about my mp3 player, and I’d like to throw my computer out of the sixth floor window at least twice a day, so that would be no sweat off my back. But there are somethings I do like owning such as dishwashers and washing machines. I’d hate to have to take my washing board and basket of clothes down to the river every week.

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Board games? GQ!

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Probably do more fishing

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I would be pretty down. I couldn’t have access to class resources posted online, I’d have no way to talk to my boyfriend, I couldn’t research whatever suits my fancy very easily, my language skills would erode quickly (my passion), and since I can’t drive I’d be even more bored than I am now.

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I could live without my iPod…we still have the radio and dare I say it…I still listen to records!—my husband still has an old stereo with an 8 track in it! I don’t like my cell phone, but it’s great for emergencies and I do use it a lot, while talking to clients, but I could manage. The computer would be difficult. I do most of my work and transfer it back to a client through emails. I guess I could do it the old fashion way…snail mail or hey…Fed Ex.

It’s ok, I’ve lived without these things, before. I think I’d manage, just fine.

I remember when scanning documents became a big deal. I worked for an insurance company – a large one- and I remember the hype about scanning documents to cut down on some of the paperwork. It was a whole new world for them – a huge deal.

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Carry a big, fat notebook around with me with a set of pencils/pens, and write down and draw everything. Stream of conciousness journaling, quaint thoughts, interesting facts, patterns, to do lists, ideas, concepts, drawings, doodles, everything.

Which I used to do before having all that technology. :)

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What is this strange black disc of which you speak? I have heard legend of these magic circles.:)

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hang on, let me put my stone tablet down and the tool to chisel the symbols and I’ll explain. ;~)

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Read and write like I always have.

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I remember the 8 tracks when I was a kid. They actually had a very simple way to change from “Program to program” as bulky as they were. And there was no copying those.

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@SeventhSense Very true – about not being about to copy them and also the simple way of changing from program to program. My husband and I cracked up going through some of my Dad’s music, while planning his funeral and service. We found Conway Twitty, Olivia Newton John and geez…I forget the last one. All 8-tracks. We took them home with us and he sat out there listening to them. Still works!

I thought things were really cool when cassettes came out. :)

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Be happier.

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Oh, I’d be very lost without my cell & my computer. That’s how I communicate with family & friends. I don’t even want to think about being without either one.

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I’d say “Finally!” and then go out into the sunshine.

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I’d find new activities to engage in and I’d go back to spending more time doing things I did before my computer usage took up so much of my time.

Personally, I rely on my computer for many things besides entertainment so I hope that I never have to be without it and if it was suddenly taken away from me, I would be seriously pissed off.

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i admit i use the computer probabaly like 5 hours a day, but the thing i really couldnt live without is TV and movies. Even though I go on the computer waaay more than I watch TV, I wouldnt be able to function without it. Its one of those things that you barely use yet you cant live without it (like men and their brains :P kidding.)

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I’d call up all my friends on the string and cup phone and laugh about the silliness of the electronic gadget days. Then, after spending too long opening a can of tuna, I’d write a book.

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@Pol_is_aware I agree, I have made many of those as a kid.

I have been a camp councilor and for many years for about a week every summer I would go to a camp to get away from my current “life”. I have lived without all this stuff that you people seem to hold so dear. I kinda wish that I could take more time off in the summer to just do fun stuff without my lappy or cell phone. Although it is depressing to lose my iPod. But I will get over it. So yea, I think I could do it. And I would ride my bike everywhere even though I may still have a car.

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It would be very liberating! I dislike the pressures inherent in owning these gizmos. You just gotta get this new app, that new operating system, this smalller, more powerful phone, etc. People are adapting but social interactions are definitely undergoing some major changes. We don’t talk one on one as much anymore. Even intermediate spelling and grammar rules are foreign to most young people and the art of letter writing is nearly extinct.
When computers first came on the scene, people were worried that computers would steal their jobs. The promise heard over and over in the media was that technical advances in computing would surely save us time and money. The speed at which products and services are improved is dizzying and keeping up with the latest is costly and discarding the used products is so wasteful.
Give me a life without TV. Tell me I only get to use the phone for 1 min. calls before or after work hours and my personal computing is liimited to Sat. and Sunday afternoons…..I honestly think I’d be better off.
I believe I would be quite content keeping it simple.

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I’d probably realize how much more money i would be getting since I wouldn’t be buying more electronics.

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If I had to give up mp3, Computer, cell phone..etc, it would be a challange, but I probably could survive. Well, I don’t listen to music that much. Cell phone, I hardly use it anyway except for texting, computer would be a challange. I normally listen to music on the computer, and I e-mail some friends sometimes. There’s also MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I don’t even have an account on any of them anyway, so…yeah. Now, if I had to choose something to give up forever, it would be my Mp3 player. I can listen to music on the internet, so that wouldn’t be a huge loss.

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Cry and then live without them!

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