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My MacBook's battery is a bit bulging should I replace it?

Asked by eyemac091 (1points) May 3rd, 2010

I have a late-2008 Aluminium MacBook. The battery still works fine but it bulges a bit and is causing the battery cover to not properly fit. Should I replace it?

I’m kind of a heavy user too so I think all the heat caused it to bulge.

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I would replace it before it gets worse.

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If you have applecare contact them. It should not “bulge” even from heat. Applecare is good for three years so an ‘08 Macbook would still be covered.

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Yep. Do it before it cracks your board or burns out the power supply. Sorry.

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My laptop, most of the time, is plugged in so maybe that caused it to bulge?

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@eyemac091 That won’t create a bulge. My MacBook is plugged in about 80% of its life and is older than yours. If anything, being plugged in is easier on the battery. I would contact apple about the bulge. They may replace it even if it’s out of warranty. I doubt it but they may. Like @worriedguy said, it needs to be replaced before something bad happens. It could catch fire.

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My Macbook is plugged in pretty much 24/7 and has been for the past 2 years. It’s not bulging. I’d definitely contact Apple and get it replaced.

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Is there an Apple store near you? I would make an appointment with the Genius Bar and take it in to be looked at. They can help you out quite a bit and hey, if worse comes to worst and it can’t be fixed, you’re in the best place to buy a replacement anyway.

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I can’t click on the trackpad with the battery in. Probably I just take it to the store, as suggested…

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