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Passive smoking and pets?

Asked by rebbel (28592points) May 3rd, 2010

I smoke.
Now, whenever i get visitors or when i am visiting someone else, i ask the person(s) (t)here if they mind if i smoke.
And when the question whether we want a baby in the future comes up, me and my girlfriend both agree that the only good thing to do is to quit smoking.
The best thing to do would may be to even quit before conceiving?
We all know of course (through logic and/or scientific research) that passive smoking (or second hand smoke) is bad.
For babies as well as for adults.
But here is what i am thinking lately: i have a pussycat living with me in the house, and i feel sometimes a bit guilty, since she is inhaling second hand smoke as well.
What is your view on smoking and having pets?

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It’s been proven that smoking with a pet harms their health just like it does a human. After all, it’s going in their lungs, too. I’d say you’d be doing you & kitty a huge favor by quitting smoking. Also, if you ever want a baby, you MUST stop! Second hand smoke has been proven to be just as harmful as smoking yourself. Now’s the time to do it, rebbel. For YOUR sake & for others.

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Animal abuse. You’re choosing to smoke, they don’t get a say do they?

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Smoke outside, no?

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I can’t tell you how many asthmatic cats in the midst of a crisis come in to our emergency clinic stinking of cigarette smoke. It’s your habit, your house, and your pet, but if you can avoid exposing them, I would think that that could only be considered a good thing.

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ASPCA Article
It states that second hand smoke harms animals. You should try to quit for your cat and for yourself.

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Also, if you decide to quit, us jellies will be there for you every step of the way.

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I’m sure animals suffer the exact same consequences as humans do when it comes to passive smoking but I wouldn’t beat yourself up too much about it, you are after all providing this animal with food, water and shelter too.

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I dont have pets but smoke in the house, however when I leave uni and move into a proper house (none of this shared house malarkey) I wont smoke inside.
By making yourself smoke outside you will smoke less and therefore be able to quit easier when you guys do decide to get pregnant.

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Poor kitty. Kitty probably loves you anyway. When I smoked, I went outside.

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Thanks for your answers!
I am really thinking hard to quit it, for both our sakes, although i’m not sure if there is already too much damage done to the pussycat…
For a human, i think it takes about four or five years to be totally clean again (the body), so i wonder how long for the cat?
Anyway, whenever i do stop, and i need encouragement i know where to get it.
Thanks a bunch in advance, Flutherites!

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@RareDenver But cats can hunt. They don’t need help.

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I think it’s always best if you smoke, to smoke outside. I find smoking ruins a house…it ruins ceilings, furniture…you can never get that stench out. So, regardless of the addiction to smoking, why not just go outside. It’ll help your pets, and the property value of your place.

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Awww @rebbel, I think it is really sweet that you have thought about your cat and how your smoking may affect her. I agree that it isn’t healthy for her and think it is so considerate of you to potentially give up or smoke outside for her (and a potential baby).

My parents used to smoke excessively inside our house, children and pets exposed. Argh.

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Thank you!
Your, and the others’ answers, seriously strengthen me in the idea of quitting it all together.
Smoking outside would mean i have to install a laptop on the balcony, am i to keep visiting Fluther.

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@rebbel “Install” a lap top? ;-)

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@Trillian :-)
Of course, laptops are (should be) portable, i see that now i read your answer.
Thing is, my laptop is having cables aplenty sticking out of them.
The internet cable, usb receiver for the mouse, and cables for the speakers.

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@rebbel I’m just teasing you sweetie.

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I know, i know.
I wanted to write “Ah yes, silly me, of course, laptops are portable devices…”

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Yes, but if you don’t sit down there is no lap. So you would at least need a chair. Might be cheaper to quit. I managed it so if you need a quit buddy let me know. I’d be pleased to help.

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I am most probably going to quit together with my girlfriend, so i think we will ahve support from each other, but if need be, i know who to call.

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Good luck. Don’t give up even if you have to keep trying. You two might consider taking ansmoking cessation class together. The odds for successful quitting increase to more than double for the adjuncts alone. Something about accountability and a support group.

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I’m pretty sure that anything that uses lungs to breathe can potentially be harmed by smoke.

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If second-hand smoke is a concern, then make sure that you are also miles away from anything with an engine. The truth is that the second-hand “smoke” from a car is far worse and there is far more of it. I think it’s safe to say that the road about ten yards from my living room puts more carbon monoxide and carcinogens into bystanders than a cigarette ten feet away does.

While there are many reasons to quit smoking, that one is a red herring. Quit for your own health. Quit to save money. But don’t quit for a reason that really has little justification at least not compared to the media hype it gets!

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It is beyond bad.
Noone who has a friend /relative who is sexually harrased/raped/molested as a result of partly being helped by these images, on top of all these video games, etc, can complain about if they are accepting /justifying it.

It lowers the bar. Just the fact that their fathers and brothers are seeing it is nauseating. It makes perverts expect the same or similar from other women, who just want to earn their money doing their job and absolutely nothing else. So, whether it happens at “So, You Think You Can Dance”,(porn) models, etc. it still doesn’t change there should be no job/career where it is a must to sell your body. Is it allowed for them to play tennis in unrevealing clothes? Could it be whenever some of them express that they only want to wear unrevealing clothes, that they are dropped? They can’t all want to wear skimpy outfits, that would be impossible.

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@flo Ummm.. was that meant for another thread?

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@jerv—Thank you for pointing that out. It should be in:
I don’t know why it is here—

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