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Why do people go so far to get attention?

Asked by Luna (220points) May 4th, 2010

I know a lot of people that just go so far out of the way to get attention, it makes me sick. I have…well had this one friend who was crazy in love with this guy that was the total opposite of her. she changed her whole everything and her attitude totally sucked. she was super happy when he noticed her and she stopped talking to everyone else she was friends with, but then she found out he had a girlfriend and now she doesn’t know what to do…it was a total waste of time.

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I think attention seekers should be ignored.
The more you give them the attention they are seeking, then the more they will think this is acceptable behaviour.

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I don’t know. I once knew a girl who was very popular but she still needed everyones attention all the time. She even went as low as having two abortions to get attention. I didn’t stay friends with her for long.

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@Sophief did she not care if the attention is bad or good? abortion should only get negative feedback…

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@Sophief I don’t think I would want to stay friendly with her for long either. Disgusting

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@Luna She wanted sympathy. I gave it her on the first one, but the second one, she got pregnant because “she didn’t want to go on the pill and get fat” and her boyfriend didn’t want to wear a condom. The girl was 19 years old. All she did all day was cry about losing her baby, I just wanted to give her a good smack.

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@Sophief I would have too.

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I tend to ignore the people who feel the need to Bedazzle their underwear to get the attention they crave. The “look at me I’m different” crowd is a mere side show in life to me.

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I think that if you feel like being different, just be yourself. Not many people really understand that obviously.

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Many attention seekers lacked attention as a child, and even as adult yearn for that very attention they didn’t get.

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Imagine. If you aren’t getting what you needed to get at home, or didn’t get what you needed when you needed it (i.e your parents ignored you, only paid attention when you were “bad” or otherwise made you think less of yourself) then when you get out into the world, how do you think you’re going to behave? Attention-seekers like that shouldn’t be ridiculed, but directed by those wiser than they to learn how to get their needs met without causing drama.

People learn this stuff from somewhere, is all I’m saying.

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Yes I agree with aprilsimnel…get to know her better what#s making her tick…or not as the case may be.

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I agree with @aprilsimnel %100. I see it all of the time with some of my kids (I’m a teacher).


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Since Everyone wants to consider themselves very important, therefore plenty attention is the easy way to prove it.

But their real importance lies in who they know they are, as they seek to know Truth about themselves, though this truth will not make them the most popular kid on the block, nevertheless their desire for the other egotistic kind of attention will vanish and replaced with the True knowledge of the importance of their existence.

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Is this question really about what it asks?

People seek attention, especially from higher status folk, because it makes them feel good. They feel like they belong. They feel like people will admire them. It’s all about status. We’re tribal creatures and we all have that instinct built into us—to be the alpha person in the group.

Your friend was happy to trade in her current circle for one that was more prestigious. But now she finds out that she hasn’t really gotten into the new circle. She’s a disposable add-on. She’s the other woman. The man-stealer. Not such a good position to be in. So she wants to get back into her old circle if she can. She agonizes over it with her old friends in order to get sympathy.

What should she do? Try to steal the man away? Dump him? Admit to her peeps she made a mistake? Or pretend she was done wrong?

Do you really care? Are you sympathetic towards her? Then welcome her home. But I’d see if she would apologize for just dumping you all for a guy. A two-timing guy, at that. And if you do let her back in the group, make sure she has to start all over at the bottom, like a newbie. It was a mistake to diss you that way.

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Deep down people like this are painfully average. They don’t think or do anything particularly unique or interesting, and they have a bit of superiority complex so they refuse to accept this, and must go out of their way to prove how special and unique they are.

That’s one of my theories. I can’t stand people like that.

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Poor self esteem.

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