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Do lip piercings hurt?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) May 4th, 2010

Im very decided to make a piercing on my lip, something like this
does it hurts? A neighbor of mine will do it, with everything clean, I just need to know if it hurts or it could be there any problem?

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You’re punching a hole through your lip. Yes, it will hurt. It will likely also be sore for a while until it heals.

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When I pierced my own lip, it didn’t bother me. I pierce myself all the time for the hell of it.

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The piercing process only hurts for a couple of seconds.

But I would not suggest having someone who is not a reputable professional piercer do it. I’ve had my lip pierced twice, separate occasions, but in the same place. When I had it re-pierced the second time, the guy totally screwed it up. It wasn’t done straight, and he put a ring on it that was much too heavy. He claimed that my lip needed room to swell, but this thing was the size of a quarter.

It was so heavy that it wouldn’t let the piercing heal. Since it wouldn’t heal, it hurt every time anything put pressure on it.

I loved it, and sometimes I want to do it again, but definitely let a professional do it.

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Takes a long time to heal. Doesn’t hurt so much doing the actual piercing, not that big of a deal, but afterwards. Mine never healed after two months I wussed out and removed them. They hurt bad. A good thing to remember is to not start out with rings, it will take longer to heal than studs. Keep the studs in till it heals, basically. And rinse with saltwater daily and all that.

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@truecomedian: the problem with studs is that either they’re too small for the lip swelling and the stud can actually get stuck inside the lip, or the stud is long enough to allow for the swelling, but then it tears up your gums. An idiot I worked with had BOTH problems. The normal stud got stuck in his lip, so he changed it to a bigger one, and it tore the crap out of his gums.

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Lip piercings are very easy to mess up, and they can hurt like hell if not done in a way that allows for proper healing. Any number of things can happen – it could reject, swell, migrate, the jewelry could be too big or too small as @poofandmook said. Lip piercings are pretty prone to infections because of the amount of bacteria in your mouth, so good aftercare is essential. They can also wear away at your gums and teeth if not positioned right.

I’m not trying to dissuade you from getting the piercing, but I am saying that you should get it somewhere else, unless your neighbour is a professional piercer. Go to a reputable, professional piercer who can provide you with the right jewelry of good quality, and regular support for questions and concerns in the weeks after you get your piercing. You will have questions about whether it looks right, whether it should feel this way, why it’s doing this and that, etc. and the advice of someone experienced in the trade is invaluable.

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Yup. It hurts like a bitch and they get infected easy and if you’re looking for work, lip piercing is the wrong move.

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If you do get it, remember that using a salt water rinse or diluted Listerine rinse isn’t cleaning the whole piercing. You still need to clean the outside. Best thing for that is some Bactine diluted ½ and ½ with water. Try not to use alcohol, as it’s abrasive on the piercing.

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My lip piercing hurt than my tattoo which went from my hip to my shoulder.

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Yup, definitely stay away from alcohol. And when @poofandmook says “salt water rinse,” he/she means pure sea salt. Not table salt, epsom salt or any other kind of salt.

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@xxii: Thank you for clarifying that. I forgot to. lol


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I had mine done 4 times in one sitting. (that was a long.. long time ago.. ) The first really didn’t hurt, it was more of a pressure. The 2nd was a little bit of a pinch, and then 3 & 4 were pretty killer. I only ended up with 2 hoops in my lip at the end (it was kind of an experimental thing). The painful part was healing, really. And I’m not sure it would be all that bad for just one piercing.
All in all, it wasn’t bad. My nose, however… that was brutal.

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Piercings don’t really hurt me. I had my lip pierced and it felt like being bit by a bug, then the pain got better.
Definitely do the salt water rinses. Mine was irritated for a while, but I kept up the care for it so it got better. I had it for 4 years.

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Piercing yourself is really stupid for a few reasons.
1. When you pierce with a needle you are simply punching a small hole that acts more like pushing the skin to the side. This means that it will try to grow back together and will be very sore while doing so.
2. When you push pierce your skin it opens it up for all kinds of infection. Even if people here have done it or six of your friends have done it just fine it is still not the right way to do it.
3. Piercing lips, noses, nipples, etc. should be done with a coring needle. This is a surgical needle that cores out the skin actually making a true hole. The skin heals around the area instead of trying to grow back together. It is cleaner and it lessens the chance for infection.
Pay the $35—$50 to get it done right and use the correct jewelry.
4. Depending on the size of the gage of your jewelry your piercing will grow back after it is removed unless you have a large gage (10–0 and above).

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I’m going to chime in one more time here and also tell you that once you take it out, you will most likely still have a tiny tiny dimple where it was pierced. I have one on my lip, and four on my left eyebrow (two rings). If you’re not prepared to have that to deal with either, I wouldn’t.

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Thanks to all, I already got my lip pierced in it didn’t hurt at all!! I love it.. I think i’ll get my eyebrow pierced.

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be careful with the eyebrow, also. Make sure they know what they’re doing. They should definitely be using a curved needle to pierce the eyebrow with. The reason for this is because the eyebrow doesn’t have a lot of cush to it, and a piercing from a straight needle doesn’t quite get in there enough, and consequently, after time the piercing sort of grows out, for lack of a better phrase. Also, from experience, after you take it out, you’ll most likely still have visible, closed holes there. I have four :P

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I had mine pierced on 3 occasions
First I got my labret done
and then I got snake bites
it really, really isn’t that bad
I mean I had a bit of sweat on the upper lip
It is nothing compared to a tragus piercing
What I find helpful when getting any piercig though, is to breathe in and then as the needle is going through, slowly breathe out, and if need be, breathe out hard when it hurts (i hope that made sense?)

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