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Must you use a sterile needle when piercing your lip?

Asked by Breefield (2733points) April 17th, 2008

Say I was…wanting to pierce my lip, but I’m tight on cash…are there other ways I could do it? I’d sanitize anything I use with fire for one, but does the needle need to be large and hollow? Do you need anything besides the needle, I don’t know much about piercing things really.

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Hmm… methinks if you have such questions, you should consider that maybe you are not the person who should be doing this. And yes, unless you want horrible infections, things should be sterilized. But I fear that us Flutherites giving you further information could result in you attempting this yourself. Have it done professionally my dear.

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Haha, I’d do it professionally, but well, that’s no fun. If nothing else I’ll buy a needle. I just need some basic info on self piercing really.

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I would just go and get it done, you don’t want to screw that up.
If that’s not for you, go watch a piercer or look for a tutorial online.

What part of your lip?

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Left bottom I suppose, I’m not even sure if I’m going to. I’m not supposed to, but I’ve begun to realize the lack of repercussion for my actions in this household. Besides the fact that the reason they won’t let me is really silly.

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Here’s the thing, it’s not going to be like piercing your ear with a safety pin. Your lip is dense in the middle. It’s probably going to be fairly difficult to get the needle through, and painful if it’s not quick.

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Yeah, Delirium is advising me of the same thing. I suppose the only way to go is professionally. I just wanted to be sure.

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If you cannot afford to have this done by a professional, DON’T DO IT. That’s just really not a terribly smart thing to do. Perhaps if you wait until you have the money, you’ll realize that you don’t really want to have your lip pierced….?

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I guess I just though it was common for people to pierce their own lips, a lot of my friends have done it. But I’l get it done professionally for sure, if I do it.

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I like the DIY approach (in general), a lot, but at least study it first, if you have to go that route.

Think how gross it could be if mess that up. You don’t want some nasty sore.

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True, acne is bad by itself. Who needs a fucked up lip….

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It’s not conducive to getting smooches.

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Man, I have snake bites, as in two lip piercings on bottom, one on each side. I would not suggest doing it yourself. It might be fine, but then it could be horrible. A piercing is not worth an infection or something worse. Just save the cash. I think for two I paid like, thirty or forty dollars. Thats counting jewelry and soap to was them. You’ll be a lot safer and happier if someone else does it. Check it this way, if you screw up, it’s all on you. How long have you been piercing? Then, if they mess up, it’s on them. Which by the way is unlikely being that they are professionals. Catch my drift?

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I know what snakebites are, and thanks I totally get it now.

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that depends on how into infections you are!

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I heartily agree with everyone who’s suggested that you get this done professionally. I live next-door to a tattoo/piercing shop, so I would say I’m pretty knowledgeable about piercings in general.

Depending on the area in which you live, piercings can cost anywhere from $30–50 each (including jewelry). That is if you get it done by a professional studio and not some ridiculously broken place like Piercing Pagoda; these people are hardly qualified professionals and most only watch a lame thirty-minute video for “training”. You most definitely don’t want to put any of your body parts in their hands. Real piercing studios are ten times more sterile and know exactly what they’re doing. That said…any piercing in your lip is bound to scar, so if you screw it up or it gets infected and you have to take it out, you’ll have to live with it forever. The real deal studios know all about the anatomy of these things and about the right kind of jewelry types to suit the piercing and the person. I once saw an eighteen-year-old kid come into the studio with his mother because his labret had grown into the inside of his lip. They had to dig it out with a scalpel and I can’t describe for you how disturbing it was to watch this kid…or the blood…or the screams.

So yeah…save your money and get this done at a reputable studio, preferably with your parents’ permission.

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ummm. U sure should.

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Get it professionally done. One, it will hurt less because the know what they are doing and are quick about it. Two, you don’t want to hit any blood vessels, not a good thing.

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God, are you actually asking this question? OF COURSE you need a sterile needle.

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