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What do you think about a girl with a lip piercing?

Asked by Rayvin14 (351points) November 26th, 2010

I want to get my lip pierced, i’ll have to wait a few years because of school, but i’m strongly considering it. If you have had yours done, does it hurt? does the swelling last long?

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I think nothing of it. It’s awesome, if I notice it. Don’t know about the experience, but good luck.


Personally, I don’t think lip piercings are attractive. They tend to uglify a face, not beautify it. But that’s my opinion. As they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But a frog is also a dolphin in the eyes of its mother. Lol.

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I think, oh, look, a girl with a lip piercing.

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@Symbeline okay, glad to have your opinion, thanks you! :) @MRSHINYSHOES you’re right, I guess it just depends on who you are. :)

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@Rayvin14 Just go ahead and get it done if you really wanna, whether others think it’s good or bad. Don’t let the opinions of others guide your ways. Consider health issues, infections and things like that; but not whether or not people thinks it looks neat.

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@Symbeline, I agree with you, @Rayvin14, you shouldnt let the opinions of others change your mind. I understand wanting to know how others look at it, but they should not be your over all decision. @psychocandy, I’m sure the girl could have done with out your sarcastic remark.

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@Symbeline you are right. I just like to have a few opinions. :)

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@Rayvin14 Yeah, I guess. That said, school regulations suck. XD

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I don’t have any opinions on them. I’ve had mine pierced 4 times, though that was many years ago. I haven’t worn jewelry in… at least 7 years now.
I can’t speak for a single lip piercing as far as healing time or swelling go, but I will say that it really isn’t painful to have done. Just a quick pinch and it’s over. It might take some time to get used to drinking from a glass if you do opt to wear an actual ring or cbr in your lip. It will swell, but just take care of it just as your piercer recommends and it shouldn’t be any trouble. If you don’t mess with it too much, it should heal up pretty fast.

The only thing I suggest is to keep an eye on your bottom teeth. The jewelry rubbing up against your gums can cause them to recede for some people. Others have no problem at all, just keep an eye on it.

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@Symbeline NO JOKE! I’d have one right now if I wouldn’t get in trouble every day!
@TheOnlyNeffie, that helps alot. You sure know your stufff :)

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I used to have a pic from right after I got it done, but I can’t find it now. Still looking. My lip swelled up so bad that it was laying on my chin. haha. (Don’t worry, that’s really unusual… very unlikely that you would have the same issue with just one piercing.)

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@TheOnlyNeffie, ah, I sure hope that mine wont do that! :)

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I find it totally unattractive, but I’m significantly older than any of you.

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@TannerRay22 Who the fuck are you? You don’t know me. I was not bring sarcastic. When I see someone with a piercing it elicits in me nothing more than a passing observation. No judgments or opinions otherwise.

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My sisters have piercings all over their bodies. I’m not trying to insult anyone but piercings or tattoos definitely are not my thing and I don’t find them even remotely attractive. Dam I don’t even like long nails or even painted nails either. I’m fairly young yet but stuff like that just aren’t my thing.

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I don’t know why – but it makes me think of oral sex – more than I regularly would. Maybe it’s the shiny studs, who knows.

What do I think of the person? They want to be noticed more, stand out. Could be a reason for that. Esteem etc.

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I think, “Here’s a teenager who thinks this makes her look edgy.” And I don’t give it another thought. Any form of self-expression that can be removed, easily covered up, grown out, or re-dyed, is fair game. Anything that costs more to remove than it does to get done, or does permanent damage—facial tattoos, gauged ears, tongue piercings (destroys the enamel on the back of your front teeth) is not a good idea in the long run.

That being said, most of my younger daughter’s friends were pierced at 16 or 17, and had them out by 19 or 20.

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My niece has one. It looks cute. But I wonder if it ever hurts her when she kisses.

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I used to have my lip pierced. The piercing doesn’t hurt itself, but when healing it can do. It’s just a little uncomfortable for a while. It took me a while to get used to it. I like the look. I think it’s cute – I took mine out for work purposes and it closed up.

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I think ouch, that’s what I think :¬(

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I think “just so I don’t have to kiss it”. That includes the hole if she takes it out. Who knows what is growing in there.

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Does lip piercings and other similar metal, make the airport metal detectors sound off?

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Piercings do absolutely nothing for me. I don’t find them to be attractive at all. Personal preference.

I would imagination that it would hurt like a son of a bitch, though.

Do whatever makes you happy.

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I’m not a fan of lip piercings. Oddly enough, I do find the little stud nose piercing to be cute. On most women, I think multiple ear piercings looks nice. And oh to have flat abs – my navel would be pierced in heartbeat!

@Rayvin14 – wait until the school regulations are out of your hair, then do it if YOU want to.

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They look like a stray booger. )

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Easy, with Daddy issues.

before you all blow up on me let me just sa . . . aww fuck it, stereotype gotta come from somewhere

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I loved my lip piercing more than anything but then again I’m easy, with daddy issues (though @Blondesjon would know better since it takes one to know one).

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I have two in my lip, thought I only wear one. I did them myself, so I would say that it really doesn’t hurt. But everyones pain tolerance is different. My swelling only lasted about 2 maybe 3 days and the pain afterwards is just soreness. I love it… I think that they look sexy and kiss inviting. But that just my personal opinion again. If you like the way it looks and you think it would look good on you then go for it!

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The first thought in my head would be that she has an oral fixation. This coming from a girl with her tongue pierced and an admitted oral fixation.

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I think it depends on the person. I think it looks best on someone that already has a wacky appearance – dyed hair or a fucked up haircut (think ‘emo’). If someone is totally normal looking and they have a bit of metal coming out of their lip it looks a little weird to me.

I had my tongue pierced for 5 years. If it hadn’t become infected I’d probably still have it in. I generally think piercings that can be covered up are the best – I especially dislike eyebrow piercings – unless you have a bone through your nose, it looks pretty stupid.

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I respect this choice, but to me this destroys beauty.

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You can do whatever you want but I think it looks very tacky. Also when you are older and if you want a formal job make sure you take it out or you wont be hired.

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