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Asked by KeithWilson (833points) May 4th, 2010

What is it? What are the symptoms? What are the causes? What are the treatments? Is there a cure? What do people with schizophrenia experience? Do you know anybody with schizophrenia? Does it have any redeemable aspects or does it say anything special about the person?

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The symptoms of schizophrenia can be extremely broad… there are different degrees of schizophrenia. The major defining factor is that the person has difficulty or an inability to distinguish between real experiences and things that are imagined. They may hallucinate, suffer mood swings, paranoia and anxiety. I can’t tell you personally what people with schizophrenia experience, though I suspect it varies by the person. I can’t imagine it’s the same for everyone. I know two people with schizophrenia – and their behaviour and tendencies are so vastly different from each that I imagine it’s hard to really give a definitive answer for all of your questions.

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I recommend your look over this to get a good overview of how schizophrenia is diagnosed and to understand how the major subtypes are differentiated.

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This question deserves a professional answer; get it here:

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Why was my comment modded? It is the “Social” section and I was satirising a Schizophrenic who I have known for some years. It is a typical response when they are having a “heavy” day.

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I have mild schizophrenia, well I’d like to think I do. If anything, I try my best to convince myself that this isn’t so bad…I hear things sometimes, usually when I’m stressed out or I’m really tired, or just when I wake up and feel this numbness…I hear convo’s from far away but cant quite understand them. Then I get those loud demands like “WAKE UP!”..or..“RUN!”...random things like that…or sometimes laughter or screams..Its rare when I hear a scary voice..but they’re frightening when I do…I also have these random smells, like my favorite food or of rotten eggs…just randomly throughout the day..Its not like it always happens..but they’re things that happen repeatedly. I also have hallucinations as often as I hear voices..but I’m embarrassed to even talk about them…..I see people dressed up in animal costumes..Like cute little bunnies, elephants, pandas, and bears….those are usually the ones I see…But theyre evil…In my head I get these thoughts that tell me, these guys are going to kill me…when I least expect it, they’re going to get me…so..when I do see them…I usually jump at first glance and try to shake my head to erase it…my friends call me the etch-a-sketch pretty much…I shake the image out of my mind..and usually that works…there are also little things like roaches and worms..but I’m not really afraid bugs…But yea…and as I re-read this, it sounds like I totally made it up, I wouldn’t believe me…and I really wish I could….but this is what I go through…everyday…I’m just glad I know its there and that its all in my head.

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