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OUCHY! How can I soothe the pain?

Asked by Perchik (4987points) March 12th, 2008

You know when you cut your fingernail a tad too short and then it kind of stings when you put pressure on it. This goes away after a couple days, but does anyone know a good way to soothe/cure this faster?

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Have any cloroseptic around? Spray it on your finger.

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I like to slam my hand in the door. Finger don’t hurt so much then.

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Put you finger tips in some warm water.

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Suck on it.

As vulgar as that sounds.

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I always put my fingers in warm water too. It probably feels better because your fingers are getting prune and have less feeling which is why as poser said sucking on it feels good too.

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I just put a bandaid on it to pad it from any pressure. I like Andrews’s answer about chloraseptic.. That should work! If you don’t have any of that, some neosporin with lidocaine should help.

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You can use tissue glue to cover the exposed tissue – stings like a mother when you put it on, but then acts like skin.

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@scamp: my grandmother used to spritz my scraped knees with the green stuff. I thought it was magic.

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@andrew , Your grandmother is a wise woman. I think it’s an excellent idea!!

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I find pushing your cuticles back it helps the nails grow faster :)

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Oh, I don’t actually want my nails to grow faster. In reality, I’d prefer to have them not grow at all. I rock climb frequently and fingernails just get in the way, so I try to keep them as short as possible. Of course this leads to me cutting them too short occasionally, leading to the said pain.

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